Cradle Of Filth Guitarist Nixes Procedure

James McIlroy

He was all set to have neck and back surgery just the other day, but Cradle of Filth guitarist James McIlroy refused the procedure. He writes: “Last night I went into hospital, got admitted, got given a bed and had a few tests done, and one last MRI scan. Everything was set, and this morning, […]

Cradle Of Filth Guitarist Has Spinal Surgery

Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth guitarist James McIlroy went under the knife today. The dude had back surgery, to alleviate long-term chronic pain. The band said that the operation will “repair his spine,” relieving pain “that has kept him absent from the recent tour of Europe.” Said James: 
“I am going into hospital today as they’ve graciously […]

Children Of Bodom Drummer’s Back Fucked

Jaska Raaitikaanen

I hurt my back big time the other day, when I slipped and fell down a bunch of stairs in my apartment building. It sucked a bag of shit donuts, but I’m OK. Children Of Bodom drummer Jaska Raatikainen, on the other hand, isn’t. He’s disclosed he has been suffering from a serious back ailment. […]

Bill Ward Hopes To Be Drumming Again Soon

Bill Ward

Bill Ward has been unable to drum, seeing as he’s had surgery recently. But the former Black Sabbath skinsman will be back behind the kit soon enough, he says on Facebook. Says Ward: “I’m re-starting the ['Rock 50' monthly] radio show [which airs on WPMD, a college radio station at Cerritos College in California] on […]

Black Breath Drummer Undergoes Surgery

Necessary reading

Black Breath drummer Jamie Byrum has gone under the knife and doctors have repaired multiple breaks in one of his legs. Jamie was struck by a car earlier this week in Seattle. Hence, the need for the surgery. The band has offered the following update, and the attached photo, showing Byrum in the hospital post-surgery. […]

Car Hits Black Breath Drummer

Black Breath

This is crazy, considering a lady nearly backed over me today, and I had to call her out for being a cunt. Black Breath drummer Jamie Byrum was hit by a car yesterday in Seattle. It sounds like it’s pretty bad. Says the band: “Our drummer Jamie … stayed the night in the hospital. He’s […]

This Or The Apocalypse Drummer Hurt On Tour

This Or The Apocalypse

The appendix is a fragile organ. This, Aaron Ovecka — drummer for This Or The Apocalypse — knows. Two days into the band’s tour, the group’s missed a gig in West Chester, Pennsylvania, as their drummer’s undergone emergency medical care for his appendix, which is being excised from his body. Says the band: “Thank you […]

Cynic Drummer Recovering From Surgery

Sean Reinert

He’ll be OK, folks. At the moment, Cynic and Death To All drummer Sean Reinert is currently recovering in a hospital after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee earlier this week. Man, that must have been scary for him. I mean, as a drummer, you need those legs to […]

King’s X Frontman Undergoing Surgery


Don’t fret. It’s nothing too serious. I mean, any surgery can be tricky. But he’ll be alright. King’s X frontman Doug “Dug” Pinnick was rushed to the hospital over the weekend after the band performed in North Carolina and is going to require hernia surgery. As a result and because Doug needs to recover from […]

Former Haunted Frontman Getting New Hip

Peter Dolving

This is wild fucking shit right here. Former frontman for The Haunted, Peter Dolving, has announced through his Facebook page that he will be going under the knife soon, as he needs a new fucking hip. That sucks. What’s he, 80? I mean, a hip transplant? “It’s hard to describe what a relief this is,” […]