Primus Drummer Recovering After Heart Surgery

Tim Alexander

I was really bothered the other day to hear Primus drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander had sustained a heart attack. Fucking Pork Soda, man. That drumwork is off the hizz-ook. For reals. Luckily, today, Tim went under the knife and all went well. In fact, after a successful bypass procedure to remove blockages from arteries near […]

Primus, A Perfect Circle Drummer Has Heart Attack

Tim Alexander

It’s cool…he’s going to be OK. But fuck, man. Our idols are fading. They’re getting on in age. Heart attacks? And so it begins. Drummer Tim Alexander, who has played with the likes of Primus, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, has suffered a heart attack. Dude’s 49. He will undergo open heart-surgery in a couple […]

Iced Earth’s Schaffer Checks In After Neck Surgery

Iced Earth

Last month, Iced Earth nixed their plans to tour this summer because of guitarist and vocalist Jon Schaffer’s impending neck surgery. Earlier this month, Schaffer went under the knife, and had the procedure, from which he’s currently recovering. He has taken to Facebook to update fans on how he’s doing: “I’m writing to let you […]

Defeater Frontman Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Pay For Hip Replacement

Derek needs a hip

Defeater vocalist and Alcoa mastermind Derek Archambault has launched a Pledge Music fundraising campaign to help with the cost of a hip replacement surgery he needs. Says a press release: “Derek has had significant issues with his hip for some time now, which has prevented him from touring. After consulting multiple doctors, insurance companies and […]

Iced Earth Shows Cancelled; Leader Recovers From Operation

Iced Earth

Iced Earth have been forced to cancel their scheduled tour dates, as guitarist and leader Jon Schaffer has just undergone neck surgery and needs time to recover. Says Jon in a statement: “It is with sincere apologies that I write to inform you all that Iced Earth is forced to cancel this summer’s festivals and […]

Korn’s Head: Back In Business


Korn’s former and current guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is returning to the stage tonight. You may recall last week he was hospitalized with serious kidney stones. That is something you wanna try to avoid getting, kids. I hear it hurts like a motherfucker, especially when the stones pass through the urethra. Fuck. Anyways, Head had […]

Iced Earth Frontman To Undergo Neck Surgery

Jon Schaffer

Oh no! I hope Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer will be alright. He says in this interview that he has “to have neck surgery. It’s the second cervical fusion. I had the first one 14 years ago. And, ironically, we did Wacken, like, three and a half weeks after that, and I was in a neck […]

Judas Priest Frontman To Have Surgery

Judas Priest

This has gotta suck. Judas Priest’s frontman Rob Halford revealed to ABC News Radio he has an umbilical hernia and needs surgery to have it repaired. Why? Because “it looks like the alien just burst forth,” says Rob. “My doctors always said, ‘We can take care of it,’ and I said, ‘I’ll get around to […]

Flotsam & Jetsam Drummer Undergoes Surgery

Kelly D. Smith

Following an April 17 rehearsal with the band, Flotsam& Jetsam drummer Kelly D. Smith popped what appeared to be a blood blister. Days later, he was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital And Medical Center emergency room in Phoenix for a severe MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), or a bacterium abscess on his left index finger. The […]

Cradle Of Filth Guitarist Nixes Procedure

James McIlroy

He was all set to have neck and back surgery just the other day, but Cradle of Filth guitarist James McIlroy refused the procedure. He writes: “Last night I went into hospital, got admitted, got given a bed and had a few tests done, and one last MRI scan. Everything was set, and this morning, […]