Mutiny Within Announce Release Date For New LP


Mutiny Within will issue a new album on January 12, 2013. That’s about all the news you’ll get in this post. Mutiny Within’s unnecessary sophomore LP is named after The Police’s biggest album. Synchronicity. Why not just name your record Houses of the Holy? If you’re going to jack an album title, just go for […]

Mutiny Within Finishing Up New Album

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Oh yes, folks. The recording is almost done. Yes, folks — Mutiny Within are nearly done with their reunion album, Synchronicity. “Final mixing/mastering is complete,” the band writes online. “Just waiting for the power to be restored in NJ to get final approvals off the rest of the band…” Now, I’m hoping the power stays […]

Mutiny Within’s Hiatus Over

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Drats! I thought I was done having to think about Mutiny Within. But no — the New Jersey metal band’s decided their year-long hiatus should be over. The band’s even got an album coming called Synchronicity; a trailer for the album follows at the end of this post. Mutiny Within’s second album had been shelved, […]

Atheist Bassist Responds To Band’s Shit Talk

The former bassist for iconic tech-metal outfit Atheist has responded to his ex-bandmates’ “surprising comments” about his recent departure. The band claims they fired him and that his absence wouldn’t be felt, seeing as he really didn’t have anything to do with the evolution of Atheist’s sound. Tony Choy, in a statement to Blabbermouth, claims […]