Contest: Win A Tiger Flowers Prize Pack

Tiger Flowers

The lads in New York’s Tiger Flowers will be releasing their debut album next week, and I can attest, people: Shit’s unreal. The record has many opulent and imposing layers, and hasn’t left my CD player in weeks. Why? ‘Cause I like it brutal but cerebral, kids. And so do you. Or at least you […]

Enslaved Guitarist Passes Out, Hilarity Ensues


I’m going to make an admission here. I’m fine if I’m only drinking beer. But if shots enter the mix, I’m liable to get loud, obnoxious, confrontational, or some combination of all three. I feel for Enslaved guitarist Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal. The dude had too much to drink recently and passed out around the […]

KsE Frontman Raising Funds For Ailing Aunt

Get one!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Killswitch Engage’s frontman and Gunshy contributor Jesse Leach is an all-around decent dude. Salt of the Earth type. Leach has released a special Killswitch shirt for sale, and I think you should pick it up. Why? Well, the Mike D’Antonio-supplied design is dope, and because sales […]

Dear Hunter: Episode 15 — Merch Magic

Dear Hunter

I asked my followers on Twitter to help me with suggestions for this month’s column. I was asked by some to write about sorcery and wizards, but I thought the suggestion to talk about the “business of merch” put forth by user @TeeJayDahl was the way to go. I can only comment on how the […]

Metallica’s Virginia Tech Tee Raises Thousands For Slain Fan

The Metallica/ Virginia Tech shirt

It’s been four years since Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington disappeared from a Metallica concert, only to be found months later dead in a field less than 20 miles away from where she vanished. Her killer remains at large, but efforts to bring the killer to justice endure. According to reports, a T-shirt that Metallica […]

Obscene Extreme Fest Teams With Napalm Death For Good Cause


That’s right, kids. It’s July, and right now in New York City, we’re experiencing torrential downpours. Flash flood warnings have been issued. And I am cranking that new Carcass jam, which I can’t believe I didn’t love instantly, but can assure you I love now. That record’s gonna be a fucking monster. Anyways, so, I […]

Shirts Made To Honor Slayer’s Hanneman

I want

Now this is a memorial T-shirt I’d actually wear. Not like the neon ones people have made up at the mall for the young gangbangers in their lives. Those pieces of shit are fucking reprehensible. Yes, folks. Slayer has no guitarist at the moment, now that Jeff Hanneman’s dead. He died May 2, and not […]

Jeff Hanneman Memorial T-Shirt Boasts Pic Of Gary Holt

Just wow

Many, many demerits for this one. I am not sure who made this shirt, or where its available for purchase. But holy shit…talk about royal fuck-ups. This is embarrassing to any Slayer fan worth their salt. Of course, Jeff Hanneman died earlier this month from liver failure, caused by an inordinate booze intake.

Lamb Of God, Machine Head Frontmen Tapped For Mitch Lucker Memorial

Randy Blythe

Yes, it’s true! Suicide Silence’s forthcoming memorial show for their late frontman Mitch Lucker will boast an appearance by Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe. Blythe — who was formally indicted on manslaughter charges in Prague yesterday — will be one of several big names joining the tribute gig. Mudvayne’s Chad Gray is also confirmed to […]

Metallica Selling Morgan Harrington Shirts

The Virginia Tech/ Metallica tee

In case you’ve never heard the tragic story of Morgan Harrington, she was a Virginia Tech student killed some years ago after disappearing from a Metallica show. Her killers remain free. Now, Metallica — who had previously offered a massive reward for information leading to her murderers — have partnered with the Virginia Tech university […]