Mastodon Issue T-Shirt As Response To Video Criticism

I'd rock that

Mastodon’s new video — which features beautiful women of color twerking their moneymakers — has gotten a lot of people feeling butt hurt, and I’m not sure why. Twerking is a robust, zesty enterprise, and I for one am a fan. That Mastodon video for “The Motherload” was innocent enough. I mean, I didn’t beat […]

KsE’s Jesse Leach Selling Signature T-Shirt

Jesse, doing his thing

Jesse Leach is a righteous dude. Anyone with the amount of success he’s achieved who is willing to write for this blog for nothing is stand-up in my book. Today, Jesse revealed he’s selling a custom T-shirt that looks pretty cool, actually. Jesse designed it himself. What follows is a commercial of sorts for the […]

Fan’s T-Shirt Sets Off Mike Portnoy At Signing

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy’s just a dude that makes bad decisions. This much, we all know. The dude made yet another bad decision over the weekend, by posting some missive online about some kid who showed up to an in-store signing of his wearing a Dramatic Turn of Events shirt. The kid in the shirt likely wore […]

Metallica Poke Fun At Glastonbury Uproar With Video, Merch

A white shirt?

This weekend, Metallica closed out the Glastonbury festival’s second night in epic fashion — making it the first time a metal band has done that in the fest’s history. Of course, Metallica’s booking drew protests from butt-hurt indie rock fans who didn’t want the tang of metal staining the sanctity of their uptight proceedings. Most […]

Bloggers Stir Up Fake Controversy Over Emmure Shirt

So clever

Yesterday, two blogs of some renown and zero humor posted fake news stories about a “controversial” shirt that worthless fucking band Emmure started selling online, but pulled from their merch site hours later. The same shirt was on sale when I was at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and I thought was, “Well, that’s […]

Dave Brockie Memorial Art Show Established

Attend if you can

On May 3, MF Gallery will have a special memorial art show dedicated to Dave Brockie (better known as Gwar’s Oderus Urungus), who passed away suddenly in March. Part of the proceeds from the show will benefit the Dave Brockie Foundation. Dave was prolific in many different visual mediums and he collaborated often with MF […]

Gwar Release Brockie Tribute T-Shirt

That's dope

Gwar have launched an official tribute tee to their late frontman Dave Brockie (better known by his stage name, Oderus Urungus). Brockie passed away last month and we still don’t know what caused his death. Proceeds from the shirt will go towards the Dave Brockie Foundation, founded within the last few weeks. Get the tribute […]

Contest: Win A Tiger Flowers Prize Pack

Tiger Flowers

The lads in New York’s Tiger Flowers will be releasing their debut album next week, and I can attest, people: Shit’s unreal. The record has many opulent and imposing layers, and hasn’t left my CD player in weeks. Why? ‘Cause I like it brutal but cerebral, kids. And so do you. Or at least you […]

Enslaved Guitarist Passes Out, Hilarity Ensues


I’m going to make an admission here. I’m fine if I’m only drinking beer. But if shots enter the mix, I’m liable to get loud, obnoxious, confrontational, or some combination of all three. I feel for Enslaved guitarist Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal. The dude had too much to drink recently and passed out around the […]

KsE Frontman Raising Funds For Ailing Aunt

Get one!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Killswitch Engage’s frontman and Gunshy contributor Jesse Leach is an all-around decent dude. Salt of the Earth type. Leach has released a special Killswitch shirt for sale, and I think you should pick it up. Why? Well, the Mike D’Antonio-supplied design is dope, and because sales […]