Ted Nugent Says It’s Time To Ammo Up


He such an asshole. Mostly because he wears shirts with racist flags embroidered into them. But if Ted Nugent is right about 9/11, well, I don’t want to be the one who criticized him. I understand what he’s saying. Or maybe he has more specific information. But yes, terrorism does seem to be on the […]

Taterÿche: ‘Frequency Unknown’ — An In-Depth Review

Frequency Unknown

They’ve given me a mission, don’t really know the game…alright, I did know the game. My self-imposed mission was to review the new Geoffrÿche album for those actually entertained by my Queensrÿche rants over the last couple weeks. Knowing this would be a grueling task, I made the decision to get shithoused and review the […]

Ted Nugent Fires Back At Dee Snider

Ted Nugent

The other day, Dee Snider called Ted Nugent out as a draft dodger, and so, in the interest of fairness, we are absolutely obliged to bring you Ted’s retort. Nugent, who is an avid supporter of gun rights, an animal killer, and a loather of President Barack Obama, says the Twisted Sister frontman is “falling […]

Dee Snider Claims Ted Nugent’s A “Draft Dodger”

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent may be an ignorant asshole more annoying than a gaping, weeping genital wound, but a draft dodger? I can’t say for sure. But Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider says he is in a new interview on Noisecreep. “Ted’s always been a gun-toting conservative,” Snider tells the site. “But what gets me is that he […]

Forgotten Band Dudes Launch Classic Rock All Stars

She likes classic rock

Finally, what the world never needed. A band full of dudes no one cares about. Maybe that’s why Classic Rock All Stars will be touring in Russia for their first trek. The band features Bobby Rondinelli (of Rainbow fame), Greg Smith (who worked with Rainbow and Ted Nugent), Chris Slade (AC/DC), Craig Goldy (Dio), Geoff […]

Ted Nugent Wants To Hunt Bob Costas

Ted Nugent

I bet you Ted Nugent wants to hunt down Bob Costas. Maybe slice the back of one of his heels and let him loose in the middle of some vast game preserve. And then hunt him. Because hunting a human is probably Ted’s wet dream. Nugent has responded to Costas’ commentary on “Sunday Night Football” […]

Ted Nugent Drummer Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charge

Happy Mick Brown

Reports claim Dokken and Ted Nugent drummer Mick Brown pleaded guilty this week to OUI (operating under the influence of intoxicants). The charge stems from an incident this past summer when he allegedly drove drunk in a golf cart in Bangor, Maine. He was fined $1,000. In exchange for the guilty plea, three other charges […]

Ted Nugent’s Drummer Pleads Not Guilty

Mick Brown

Ted Nugent drummer Mick Brown — current title holder for world’s best mugshot, ever — says he’s not guilty. Reports claims Mick plead not guilty through his attorney today (August 15) to charges of operating under the influence of intoxicants, driving to endanger, theft and assault. That’s quite a list of charges, dude. Brown, 55, […]

Ted Nugent’s Drummer Wins Title Of Best Mugshot Ever

Mick "Good Times" Brown

I mean, look at that mugshot. I don’t know about you, but I’d have to be pretty fucking loaded to smile for my own mugshot like that. Otherwise, I think I’d be too busy worrying about that fact that I’m in police custody, about to spend the night behind bars. Drummer Mick Brown (who has […]

Secret Service Doesn’t Book Nugent; Situation “Resolved”

Ted Nugent

Sounds like someone put the scare in Ted Nugent. The ignorant hick tells CNN that his visit with the U.S. Secret Service went well, and that the issue — of him basically threatening the president — has been “resolved.” “The issue has been resolved,” and the agency “does not anticipate any further action,” Secret Service […]