Hatebreed Guitarist Compares Band To Motörhead


Yeah, and I look like Leonardo DiCaprio. Fuck. I don’t even look like Leo’s stand-in. Hatebreed guitarist Frank Novinec did an interview recently, and basically said something that will likely haunt him. “We are a universal band, like Motörhead, where we appeal to rock, metal and hardcore fans and we feel that we can step […]

Hatebreed Kill It With Fire In New Video


Gee. The video at the end of this post is…weird and not so good. I have no idea what the treatment for this thing mist have been like. “Dude walks down the street, Jamey Jasta barks fire at him, hurts him. Dude ends up in some big fiery pagan ritual and makes douchey faces.” I […]

Hatebreed Release Trailer For New Album


I still don’t understand the logic behind releasing trailers for albums, but maybe that’s because I used to huff gas as a child. I’d just sit in the garage and get my huff on. It made mowing the lawn a lot more fun. Man, did I huff some gas in my day. At the end […]

Hatebreed Track Listing Revealed


By now, you should know that a new Hatebreed record is coming. But until now, we didn’t have the all-important track listing. Rest assured, kids. We do now. The Divinity Of Purpose, which will be in stores January 29, will boast 12 tracks in all. Those songs include “Honor Never Dies,” “Own Your World,” and […]

New Hatebreed Song Sounds Like Hatebreed


Strange, right? At the end of this post, you will find a new song from Hatebreed. It’s called “Put It To The Torch.” It’s definitely Hatebreedish, with lots of Hatebreed-like elements. The song comes from The Divinity of Purpose, which will be available January 29.

Hatebreed Reveal New Album Title, Record’s Cover Art

I like that art

There’s a new Hatebreed album coming, and that there is the cover art, people. Called The Divinity Of Purpose, Hatebreed’s brand new album will come out on January 29, 2013, in North America on Razor & Tie and on January 25, 2013, in Europe through Nuclear Blast. The CD was co-produced by Hatebreed, Chris “Zeuss” […]