Terror, Ringworm Booked For 2014 Southeast Beast Fest


That’s right, you armadillo-lovin’ lexicon abuser! A bunch of bands have signed on for something called the 2014 Southeast Beast Festival. That’s a fairly decent name for a fest. The event is set for April 5 and April 6 at Brewsters Roc Bar in Jacksonville, Florida. The final lineup will be announced come December 10. […]

First Spate Of Bands Announced For New England Metal & Hardcore Fest

I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go...

Get pumped, New England. Your annual metal festival will be the business, as it is pretty much every year, thanks to the bookers who get all of metal’s best to Worcester, Massachusetts, each spring. This year’s New England Metal & Hardcore Festival will go down April 17 through April 19, and boast the likes of […]

Guest Column: Hardcore Lives By 96 Guitarist Pat DeFrancisci

Guest Column

So, we get offers all the time from people wanting to write guest columns, and most, we turn down. If we let everyone write for us, the columns we do have wouldn’t be as special. But when 96’s people reached out, asking if guitarist Pat DeFrancisci could pen something for us, we agreed. 96 are […]

Free Metal Saturday: Deathwish Offering Free Sampler

Get it

You like metal, presumably. You are here, after all. Well, how’d you like some free metal and hardcore shit? Deathwish Inc. has you covered. The label and its distributed labels (Black Market Activities, React!, and Secret Voice, among others) have released a new spring digital sampler. The 26-track outing features songs from the likes of […]

Terror, Goatwhore Added To New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

"Hey cookie, I dropped my pencil"

They might as well just release the entire lineup already. It’s not like the bill doesn’t already fucking rule. You think adding Terror’s going to get some kid to go, “Wait one hot fucking second! I wasn’t sold until this Terror announcement. Fuck it, I’ll go.” At this point, people are either going or not […]

Xibalba, Lionheart To Tour


Holy crap, it worked! I kept hoping and praying these two bands would tour together, and lo and behold, I made it happen with the power of my super brain. I kid. I did not hope or pray these bands would tour. But it’s cool they are. Alas, they’re not hitting New York. Not yet, […]

Beatdown Fest Announced

Alpha & Omega

And the lineup’s meh. I’m just being honest. There is no reason for me to trek my chubby ass up to fucking Rochester for this lot! I kid. The bill is mostly crap, but there are some golden nuggets of awesome. Like Reign Supreme. Vehement Serenade, too. Beatdown Fest 2013 will take place on May […]

Two More Bands Added To New England Metal & Hardcore Fest

Job For A Cowboy

Oh yes, folks. The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival keeps growing. Like that thing in your shorts. Keep taking those vitamins, and it’ll be a full three inches…from the GROUND! Job For A Cowboy and D.R.I. were both added to this year’s Metalfest bill. Metalfest goes down at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts, on […]

Dillinger Escape Plan, Allegaeon Tapped For New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

Dillinger Escape Plan

Yup. One of the best metal festival’s in the U.S. of fucking A goes down each spring in Worcester, Massachusetts. The annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival XV revealed today that a bunch of bands have been added to the already impressive bill. Which bands? How about Allegaeon, Alpha & Omega, Born Low, MurderDeathKill […]

East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012: Full Lineup Revealed


The complete and final lineup for the East Coast Tsunami Fest 2012 has been announced. If you thought it was good before when we only knew half of the bands playing, just wait. Motherfucker got ten times better since then. Before, we knew bands like Sick of it All and Agnostic Front would be playing. […]