Nachmystium’s Blake Judd At It Again?

Blake Judd

Just when you thought you could give the creep the benefit of the doubt, along comes this report from Lambgoat, suggesting Nachtmystium mastermind Blake Judd has not fulfilled pre-orders for the band’s new album, The World We Left Behind. Judd claims he’s not fooling anyone twice: “I am simply waiting for Century Media to deliver […]

Shadows Fall’s Merch Pilfered In North Carolina

Shadows Fall

So, for some reason, two dudes stole all of Shadows Fall’s merch as the band were performing last night in Raleigh, North Carolina. Somewhere in North Carolina, two dudes have hundreds of Shadows Fall shirts right now. In various sizes. Either they plan to try to sell the merch online, or they never want to […]

Eyehategod Robbed In Missouri


NO!!!! Not Missouri!!! Fuck, man. I thought that state was supposed to be filled with good-hearted, good-natured people. Guess there’s scum everywhere. This current tour’s been shitty for Eyehategod. The band, ripped off over the weekend by a promoter, claims their van was broken into while they were performing in St. Louis last week. Alone, […]

Zakk Wylde Reunited With Stolen Guitar

Reunited and it feels so gooood

Look at him. He’s back with his axe, and Zakk Wylde looks whole again. That’s right, people. That guitar Zakk had stolen a while back was discovered in a pawn shop in Chicago. The Pelham Blue Bullseye Gibson LP custom axe, valued at $10,000, was stolen from his tour bus in Chi-Town, and it turned […]

As Blood Runs Black Get Jacked

As Blood Runs Black

Why does this always happen to bands in Oakland and Detroit? I feel like these two cities and their denizens are notorious for pilfering band shit. As Blood Runs Black had their car broken into in Oakland the other nights, outside of the Oakland Metro. Members of the band had been attending the “Mosh Lives […]

Zakk Wylde Has Guitar, Vest Stolen

Zakk Wylde

If you live in the Chicago area, stop what you are doing and fucking read the following, very important news. Zakk Wylde had his leather vest stolen. We must recover this item. That vest is the source of Zakk’s dudeliness, and without it, he’s a shell of his normal self. He also had a fucking […]

HIM’s Stuff Stolen In Australia

The culprit

Sure, I may think HIM’s music is the worst thing to happen to ears since wax, but that doesn’t mean I want crimes perpetrated against them. Such a thing just happened down in Australia last night. A guy who looks like he stepped out of that Bum Fights video made off with some shit they’ll […]

Chimaira’s Equipment Stolen In Mexico


Well, doesn’t this just suck a peanut-laden shit-covered cock. Some of Chimaira’s gear was stolen from a van in Guadalajara, Mexico. Of course it was. I mean, let’s be honest here, folks. I love Mexico, because they don’t have rules there. It’s the best. Lots of nefarious shit goes down in Mexico, which is why […]

Norma Jean’s Van Jacked On Tour

Norma Jean

Norma Jean were robbed in Chicago. That’ll learn them to ever visit Chicago again. “Tonight we were robbed in Chicago. Someone broke into our van and stole a lot from us. Not sure what to think right now. Cleveland on Tuesday. See ya.” Added band vocalist Cory Brandan: “Hey guys. Thanks for the support. They […]

Blake Judd Gets A Haircut, Talks Twilight LP

Blake's post-jail, pre-rehab look

Blake Judd got a haircut. That should make everything better, right? That should change something. “Getting better, looking healthy for the first time in months I feel, and I chopped that mop off my head (finally),” writes Judd online. “Tired of seeing the mug shot all over the place…hopefully these can replace that image in […]