In Flames Reveal New Album Art

Siren Charms

I’m currently in Worcester, Massachusetts, about to head into the third and final day of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. What a fest it has been, folks. Last night, Behemoth and Goatwhore blew my ass straight the fuck away, and Slapshot delivered a legendary, energizing set. But more on Metalfest later. Did you […]

In Flames Reveal Siren Charms Details

Siren Charms

Swedish metal stalwarts In Flame will release a new album this fall on Epic Records. It will be called Siren Charms and is due in September. The CD was recorded at Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany. I’m surprised they’ve signed with Epic. I mean, how’s that gonna work? I wonder if they released this information […]

In Flames Web Site Hacked


Well, this is rather unfortunate and annoying for the In Flames dudes. It seems a hacker has targeted their online home. Today, In Flames revealed on Facebook that “we have encountered some issues regarding our online platforms,” and “we want to assure you that no Jesterhead member information has been compromised, and our team is […]

Charles Manson Wrote A Letter To Marilyn Manson

Manson's letter to Manson

And clearly, from his handwriting, you can tell that Charles Manson is rehabilitated. He may have gone in bat shit crazy, but now he’s been cured. He’s perfectly sane, I tell you. Text from a letter has surfaced online on a Charles Manson fansite (because why shouldn’t Charlie have his own fans) of a letter […]

Summer Slaughter Show Delayed Because Of Shooting Scare

The scene outside the venue

Several reports last night claimed in a panic that the Summer Slaughter shows at the Ritz in Tampa, Florida, was delayed by two hours. Why? Someone was reportedly overheard threatening to shoot the singer of Job For A Cowboy. What the fuck? Why??? What’d he ever do to you, suspected shooter? Security were notified and […]

Bus Driver Bails On The Devil’s Blood

The Devil's Blood

What a shitnozzle! I mean, who does this? A wretched, putrid piece of fried gorilla labia, that’s who! The Devil’s Blood are on tour as the moment with Watain and Behemoth. Now, they’re on tour with no driver. The dude jumped ship Sunday. And he didn’t leave empty-handed. “This piece of shit who was supposed […]