Planes Mistaken For Stars Book Summer Shows

Planes Mistaken For Stars

Post-hardcore heroes Planes Mistaken For Stars are back together, some two-and-a-half year after their last show. We’ve heard little if anything from Planes Mistaken For Stars ever since, but their silence was broken today. A press release claims the band “have been quietly and persistently working on new music, due to surface on Deathwish sometime […]

Revocation Touring With Oceano, Veil Of Maya


Hmm. I will not analyze Revocation’s decision to join this tour. I will not question it. Obviously, Dave Davidson — a columnist for this site — and the rest of Revocation must have their reasons for signing on for “The Matriarch Tour.” I mean, I will probably be missing this trek, even though I think […]

Rejoice! Unearthly Trance Reforms


That is correct, you fornicator of matriarchs. Brooklyn bad-asses Unearthly Trance are back. The blackened doom-laden sludge trio had been dormant since 2012, but recently started playing together again. New music is being written for the band’s fourth Relapse Records effort. To celebrate their resurrection, Unearthly Trance will be playing some live shows this May […]

Enabler Announce Album, Meek Is Murder Dates


In 20 days, this site goes bye-bye. If you were to ask me how I feel about that, I’d say “Bummed.” Sure, it’s a lot of work to run a blog. But some small part of me foolishly figured I had actually amassed some sort of a small fan-base, but when push came to shove, […]

Slayer’s Kerry King: New LP “The Ultimate Heavy Outcome”


I just received a press release about the new Slayer album, which still has no name but has been tracked completely and should be out later this year through the band’s Nuclear Blast imprint. Terry Date produced the album, which was recorded on and off between September and mid-January at Henson Studios in Los Angeles. […]

Deftones Touring With Incubus

Hey now!

Man. The 1999 version of me would have shit his pants reading that headline. Of course, 2015 me still loves the Deftones, but Incubus is a band I do not listen to anymore. Their first few albums were insanely good, but then, they sort of fell off course and found pop sensibilities, and eventually, cleaned […]

New LP Coming From Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

Judging by another creepy video that makes me think someone spiked my afternoon coffee with MK-Ultra strength LSD, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats will be taking their techni-colored asses on the road, but only in Europe.  Ya’ll Europeans got it good, ya hear? The video, which follows at the ass end of this post, mentions […]

Danzig Announce Tour Dates

Danzig in the studio

That’s right, folks. Danzig is coming to a town near you. He announced a bunch of dates while I was out, doing my actual job. Which pays me. This site, on the other hand, does not. That’s why there’s lame ads on it…that’s my weak attempt at monetizing this fucker. Alas, my efforts haven’t seemed […]

Taake, Wolvhammer Tour Happening This Summer


So, this is rather amazing news, if you ask me. Taake will be hitting the road with Wolvhammer this June for a bunch of stellar shows on a tour that won’t really cross over into what you’d truly consider the Midwest United States. Opening on select dates will be Young And In The Way. Consider […]

Dates, Bands Confirmed For 2015 Rockstar Mayhem Fest


Today, the organizers behind the annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival — sails, flaccid — announced the official lineup and tour dates for this summer’s trek. Alas, the lineup leaked weeks ago, meaning today’s announcement was really nothing new. Today, we learned when and where the fest would be making stops. That’s about all. The […]