Cavalera Conspiracy, Death Angel To Tour

Cavalera Conspiracy

Max Cavalera is coming to a neighborhood near you this spring. That’s if your live in a neighborhood in the United States. If you don’t, I both envy and pity you at the same time, which is strange, right? Anyways, Max’s band that isn’t Killer Be Killed or Soulfly, the one that bears his name, […]

Meshuggah Book California Shows


This also got announced while I was working. I am always working, people. My life is one never-ending workday, and I’ve fucking had it. So, yeah…Meshuggah have decided to make their trip to America for Kirk Hammett’s Fear FestEvil in April worth their while. They’ve booked two additional headlining gigs in California to make some […]

Insomnium Announce North American Run

Go if you can

So, as soon as I’m finished writing this post about Insomnium’s summer tour of North America, I’ll be heading out into the snow that continues to pelt the New York City area. I’ll get in my car, start up the engine, and let her run as I wipe her clean of the white stuff. I’ll […]

Armored Saint Detail New Album, Book Shows


Armored Saint will return this summer with a new album, and have a bunch of shows booked in the states with Saxon. Win Hands Down, Armored Saint’s new one, shows the band have only grown stronger and tighter with age, making for a dynamic and enthralling metal masterpiece. Look for the new album to hit […]

Sepultura Tour Announced


Fuck me, man. Every time that my job calls me away for any indeterminate amount of time, shit goes down in the metal world. Without fail. Today while I was out working as a hard-hitting newsman, fucking Sepultura — or what passes for the band these days — revealed a bunch of 30th anniversary tour […]

Septicflesh Announce North American Tour


Septicflesh are coming to North America. I wish they’d hire me to go to Greece to watch their homes while their on tour. I’d be an excellent housekeeper. The Greek symphonic death metallers will embark on a four-week trek that kicks off with a special headlining date in Mexico City. Then, they’ll head north of […]

Sworn Enemy, Wretched Tour Announced


This April, heavy will be coming to a neighborhood near you. Maybe. I’m not sure where you live, so you’ll have to refer to the following list of dates for the Sworn Enemy and Wretched tour happening this spring. Dark Sermon will also be on the bill along with the good dudes in Hammer Fight. […]

Queensrÿche Tapped As Openers On Scorpions Trek


This is kind of kooky. Queensrÿche, who are a relatively big band in their own right, will be the openers for the Scorpions, who will be playing North America this September. Are the Scorpions bigger than Queensrÿche? I think that would be hard to quantify. Either way, the tour is happening. Dates for it follow, […]

Slayer Book Spring Headlining Dates


There’s a new Slayer album coming out, folks. You know what that means — tour dates must be played to promote that recording. The new Slayer dates follow at the end of this post. Slayer have a 7-inch coming out on April 18 for a new song called “When The Stillness Comes.” And the new […]

More Dates Added To Testament, Exodus Run

Should go

If, by chance, Testament and Exodus excluded your town from their previous lists of tour dates, you may be in luck. More dates have been added to the trek, which will features Testament playing only their older material. Shattered Sun will be opening on most dates. Here is the latest list of shows coming up […]