Decapitated Issue Album Trailer


Album trailers are weird. They don’t ever give a true sense for what a record actually sounds like, much like movie trailers are often deceiving as to story lines. Nonetheless, I get excited for album trailers when they’re from bands I dig. Hence, I bring you this trailer for Blood Mantra, the new Decapitated album. […]

Obituary Teaser Trailer Posted

Inked In Blood

Step right up if you want some fresh Obituary! Head to the end of this post for an album teaser featuring audio from the band’s forthcoming album Inked In Blood. The album marks the band’s Relapse debut; it will be their ninth full length LP. Inked in Blood will be released October 28 in North […]

Trailer Emerges For Scott Walker, Sunn O))) Project


There’s been little information about this collaboration until now, which is strange but, that’s fine. On October 21, 4AD will release Soused, the result of the teaming of Scott Walker with Sunn O))). A trailer with some music follows at the end of this post. What you are about to hear doesn’t sound much like […]

Anthrax Release New Trailer For Live DVD


A live DVD is coming from Anthrax. The fucker was shot in Chile, a place I’d love to visit one day. Any readers from there? I’d love to come crash. Seriously. I hear that part of the word is absolutely gorgeous and Satan knows I could use a break from the day job. Anyways, I […]

Old Man Gloom Album Coming In November

Old Man Gloom

Hot damn! Just hours ago, I reported on the new Old Man Gloom film that’s coming out. Now comes word of a record! It’s a good day to be a fan of Old Man Gloom, as I am. The band, boasting members of Cave In, Converge, and Isis, will issue Ape Of God through Profound […]

Old Man Gloom Movie Coming; See The Trailer

Old Man Gloom

Old Man Gloom is getting into the movie business, it would seem. The band will be releasing some sort of a movie this fall. The feature was produced and directed by Kenneth Thomas, with live audio recording from Scott Evans, and mixing and mastering from James Plotkin. The band boasts members of Cave In, Converge, […]

Korn Members Pray For Their Fans In Movie Trailer


Someone once tried to tell me that the reason this web site isn’t bigger than it should be is because I don’t pray. I know plenty of people who pray for shit that never happens, so instead of wasting my time asking some omnipresence who has never made its presence known to me to magically […]

Vader Streaming New Album — Listen To It Now!

Tibi Et Igni

Or you can stream it later. No rush. But eventually, you should. Why? Vader’s the business, bitch. I will, myself, be listening to following stream later on this evening, because right now, I’ve gotta head out and make the best of the light I have left. Skating time, bitches! Anyways, so yeah, the new album […]

Vallenfyre Release “Splinters” Clip


Last week’s podcast boasted an interview with Gregor Mackintosh, who is in Paradise Lost and this awesome band Vallenfyre. He spoke to us about the video for “Splinters,” the title track of the second full-length album from Vallenfyre. Splinters is due in stores tomorrow. See the video for “Splinters” at the end of this post, […]

New Trailer For Viking Flick Doesn’t Really Feature Amon Amarth Frontman

The poster for Northmen

That was kind of disappointing. I mean, maybe I blinked, but I did not see hair nor hide of Johan Hegg in the following teaser trailer for “Northmen — A Viking Saga.” Hegg, who fronts Amon Amarth, plays Valli in the film. The movie will hit theaters overseas on October 9. Americans will likely have […]