Mastodon’s Dailor Channels Phil Collins On New Disc


When I think Phil Collins, I think annoying. The dude just annoys me. He’s always squinting, like someone’s flashing a light in his face, and his voice irritates the mother-lovin’ shit out of me. Truth be told, he is a fine drummer, and his work with Genesis was stunning. This is something Mastodon’s drummer Brann […]

Listen To A Track Off The New Mastodon Album


You can hear a new song from Mastodon at the end of this post. It is called “High Road” and I dig it. The song comes from the band’s new album Once More Round The Sun. Check it out, and enjoy it. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Downset. Add More Summer Shows

She thinks Downset. is something for your bed

Downset. — the band’s “classic era” lineup, at least — will be playing some shows this summer, as you well know. We’ve got the routing for the band’s live plans at the end of this post. This lineup of the band features vocalist Rey Opropeza and guitarist Ares Schwager. A new album from the band […]

New Mastodon Album Named


The new Mastodon album has a name, finally. It’s Once More Round The Sun. I love that title. It gives me hope the new one will be most awesome. The CD was recorded at a Franklin, Tennessee, studio with producer Nick Raskulinecz. The cover artwork is being created by Oakland-based artist Skinner, who specializes in […]

There Won’t Be Two Versions Of Downset., Says One Version

Downset 2013

According to the version of Downset. that toured in 2013, there will not “willingly” be two versions of the band, as there clearly currently seems to be. The other version — the “classic” Downset. — consists mostly of the original lineup. But the newer version is basically saying they’ll throw in the towel if need […]

Mastodon: New Record Complete


It’s totally and completely in the bag, folks. Save for the mastering. However, the new Mastodon record is both recorded and mixed, meaning work on the music is finished. The album still has no name, but its mastering is “almost complete.” Look for a summer release through Reprise Records. The album was produced by Nick […]

There Are Two Versions Of Downset. Now

She's totally confused

There has been some confusion as of late regarding the status of Downset. and its lineup. Are the original members of the band back together, or is there a newer version of the band active? The answer is yes. Like Queensrÿche and Entombed before them, it now appears there are two versions of Downset. The […]

Mastodon Reveal More Song Titles


Everyone is rabid, rabid for information about Mastodon’s forthcoming album. The turds at Guitar World recently caught up with one of the dudes in the band, and got three additional song titles out of ‘em. The June issue will reveal those song titles. Or you could just read them here now: “Cold Dark Place,” “Northside […]

Guest Column: Three Books You Need To Read By Midnite Hellion’s Drew Rizzo

Midnite Helion

In our undying efforts to bring you engaging columns you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve reached out to the metal world seeking submissions for a new subject: Three amazing books you have to pick up and devour. Seeing as you read this blog everyday, we went out on a limb and assumed you’d maybe want […]

Neurosis Frontman Continues Mastodon Record Tradition

Scott Kelly

Mastodon’s tradition — of having Scott Kelly of Neurosis sing on a new album track — will continue with the band’s next impeding opus. Guitar man Bill Kelliher confirmed the news to Soundwave TV. “We just got a track back from Scott Kelly from Neurosis, he always sings on a song,” says Kelliher. “And it […]