Kill Devil Hill Enlist New Drummer

Kill Devil Hill

Kill Devil Hill have a new drummer. Vinny Appice is out, and stepping in is Type O Negative, Danzig, and A Pale Horse Named Death drummer Johnny Kelly. “I’m really excited about coming on board with Kill Devil Hill,” says Kelly. “I’ve been a fan since their debut and have known the guys for a […]

Order Of Isaz Exclusive Song Stream: “The Coalesce”


Today, we’re partnering with Season of Mist to bring you a song stream that’s nothing if not semi-controversial. The following song — “The Coalesce” — is the opening track off the forthcoming album from Order of Isaz, the gothic metal act founded by former Tiamat bassist Johnny Hagel. Called Seven Years Of Famine, the album […]

Grammys Forget Slayer’s Hanneman During Memoriam

Rest in Power

Either he was forgotten or just plain left out of it. Which is sad, dude. But hey, that’s the Grammys for you. That’s society, for you, really. Metal — sans Metallica — is not accepted by the masses as legitimate music. It’s a fucking shame. I mean, the metal Grammy was merged with the hard […]

Author Butthurt Type O Negative Won’t Help With His Book

That's bananas

Jeff Wagner is pissed. The author of “Mean Deviation: Four Decades Of Progressive Heavy Metal” and former Metal Maniacs editor is pulling together a book on Peter Steele and Type O Negative. He’s got one problem. The band’s surviving members want nothing to do with it. And he’s fucking pissed. “I’m disappointed in the recent […]

A Pale Horse Named Death Reveal Cool Album Cover

Good stuff

I gotta say, I dig it much more than I did that last album cover. This one’s fucking sick. I love how the fog and the tombstones come together to form a wicked animal skull. Probably a horse skull, but to be honest, I have never seen a horse skull before. The imagery of the […]

Lamb Of God, Cave In Reissues Planned For Record Store Day

New American Gospel

A complete list of all of the releases planned for this year’s Record Store Day has been released, and much to my surprise, two of my favorite records are getting reissued on 12-inch vinyl. Lamb of God’s New American Gospel and Cave In’s Until Your Heart Stops are both being reissued, which means I better […]

Roadrunner Records Sign The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

REALLY? Seriously? I know they shift units, but dude…The Devil Wears Prada are fucking lame. I can’t understand how people are into them just as I can’t understand why anyone would listen to the smooth sounds of Natalie Cole. For reals? I don’t get these dudes or why they’re good, but maybe that’s why I […]

Peter Steele Biography Coming

Soul On Fire

And it’s even authorized! Meaning, the family of the late Type O Negative and Carnivore frontman have signed off on the project! Called “Soul On Fire,” Peter Steele’s biography is being worked on at this very moment. Not by me, alas — but by metal journalist Jeff Wagner. The book will be “a comprehensive investigation […]

A Pale Horse Named Death Name Album

A Pale Horse Named Death

Yes, folks — it’s true! A Pale Horse Named Death — the band founded by Sal Abruscato of Type O Negative and Life of Agony — have completed the mastering phase of their forthcoming sophomore release on Steamhammer/SPV. Today, the band confirmed the title of the new album is Lay My Soul to Waste. The […]

A Pale Horse Named Death’s Second LP Due May 27

A Pale Horse Named Death

It’s coming. The second A Pale Horse Named Death album is coming. The band, founded by Sal Abruscato of Type O Negative and Life of Agony, will release its sophomore album on May 27 through Steamhammer/SPV. The new album will be mastered on January 17 by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York City. […]