Hoods Frontman Challenges Victory Records Owner To Fight

Tony Brummel

The frontman for Sacramento-based hardcore punk veterans Hoods is none to pleased with Tony Brummel. Add his name to the long list of artists who want to beat the piss out of the Victory Records owner. Hoods were on the label in recent years, but have a new album coming through a different label. Hoods […]

Blackguard Returns After Parting Ways With Victory Records


Montreal melodic death metal outfit Blackguard is back from their year-long hiatus. The band is working on finishing up a new album. But the group has parted ways with Victory Records, so they’re looking for a new label to release the new stuff. Offers the band: “It’s been almost a full year since our last […]

Victory Records Signs Another Lame Band

Kissing Candice

At least the label is consistent. Man, this one almost makes me embarrassed I hail from the same salty soil. Victory Records has inked a deal with Long Island electro-metal outfit Kissing Candice. The band’s members wear masks, which is nothing if not a gimmick. Bands that rely on gimmicks, including Slipknot, are shite. The […]

Otep A Free Agent After Final Victory Disc


Alas, Otep isn’t going to throw in the towel and retire. Why would she do that — to make me happy? No way, folks. Would I be a happier person if Otep called it quits? Likely no, since I give not even one fuck about her. But, I’d smile for a second, knowing I’d never […]

Judge Sentences World To New A Day To Remember LP

A Day To Remember

A court has ordered the independent release of A Day To Remember’s new album, Common Courtesy, this coming Tuesday. The judge’s decision is, in effect, a death sentence, levied against good taste. The ruling basically punishes the world, subjecting it to mediocrity. There is no justice. The band’s long-standing and outstanding lawsuit against Victory Records […]

Emmure Working On New Album


Yes, I know. I know. Emmure are one of those bands I shouldn’t cover, since they’re poopcore and not even good poopcore, mind you. I’ll admit it…I cringe at the thought of accidentally listening to new music from this shitty fucking band, but alas, I am not King of the Universe and do not rule […]

Neurotic November Sign With Victory Records

Neurotic November

Who? They’re from Miami, and they’re called Neurotic November. Need I say more. I need. The band’s just inked a deal with Victory Records, and from what I can tell, they’re one of these shtick-core bands who sell florescent shirts. The band will be releasing a new album this fall, thanks to the new deal. […]

Erimha Sign With Victory Records


Before yesterday, I had never ever heard of Quebec’s Erimha. Honest to goodness, I’d never heard of them, and you know I try to devour as much black metal as I possibly can. It is, after all, my favorite genre. Surprisingly, the band has signed a deal with Victory Records, which — and correct me […]

Snapcase, Earth Crisis Offerings Amongst Victory’s Record Store Day Output


Victory Records will be releasing special outings this year for Record Store Day, just like many of the other labels. Record Store Day is April 20. Mark it down, fuckface! So what do the Victory folks have up their sleeves? Earth Crisis’ Firestorm seven-inch is coming as a reissue, with 900 pressed on solid red […]

Terror Release Title Track From Impending LP

Live By The Code

If you’re a fan of yelling, head to the end of this post. There, you will find — for your streaming enjoyment — “Live By The Code,” the title track from Terror’s upcoming record. Live By The Code will be released on April 9 through Victory Records. YELLING! I love a lot of hardcore, but […]