Behemoth Perform Stripped Down Set


That’s right! Shipping issues with their equipment forced Behemoth to scale things down a bit. Their usual stage set up was missing when the band played this past weekend’s Motocultor Festival in Saint-Nolff, France. The low-key production also boasted the band sans their usual makeup and costumery. Check out this video from the set.

Faith No More Promise Eventful 2015

Faith No More

So, apparently, things are going to be different in 2015. Things with Faith No More, that is. The band’s 2014 reunion tour just ended, and according to the band, “in 2015, things are going to change.” I hope that means a new album is coming, because fuck, man…of all the bands I miss, Faith No […]

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Release Asstastic Video

Uncle Acide And The Deadbeats

I don’t usually get excited for music videos. Usually, they’re just about dudes in the rain looking sad and beat down, interspersed with clips of the band lookin all stupid. I’m not a fan of the medium. Unless, of course, it involved nudity. Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats new video for the track “Runaway Girls” […]

The Body Politic Exclusive Playthrough Video: “Armature”


So, this is a cool new thing we’re trying this morning. Hell, we’ve never debuted a playthrough video — but there’s always a first for everything, right? What follows is a playthrough video from The Body Politic’s guitarists Matt Aasen and Dan Montgomery. Watch these prog-metal masters as they rip through “Armature,” a song off […]

Unlocking The Truth Book Shows, Align With Artery

Unlocking The Truth

I’m confused by the following working relationship, but here goes anyways. Unlocking The Truth — who are signed to The Cherry Party, part of Sony Music, for a buttload of dough they’ll likely never see based on the loftiness of the incentives alone — have announced they’ll be working with Artery Recordings. They’ll handle the […]

Video: Bruce Dickinson Talks Beer

Bruce Dickinson

This is worth checking out, folks. The following video features an interview with Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson. The chat went down during the Great British Beer Festival in London on August 12. Bruce talks about how Maiden were initially pushed to release a red wine. He also discusses being a beer lover, and how […]

Video: Gwar’s Dave Brockie Gets Viking Funeral


Dave Brockie was symbolically sent off Friday night during an event preceding the Gwar-B-Q, now fully underway. Dave was celebrated by fans, friends, and family with a Viking funeral. Bagpipes and all. Yes, that means the Oderus Urungus costume was burnt on a boat surrounding by dudes drinking Gwar beer. See video footage of that […]

In Flames Release Music Video

In Flames

If you turn the volume down, you’d think it was a Linkin Park video. If you turn the volume on, you’re going to think its not an In Flames song. The video is for a track called “Through Oblivion,” and is a fucking departure if ever there was one. I wonder why In Flames totally […]

Chris Adler Claims He Wasn’t Involved With Slipknot’s New One

Chris Adler

So, that does it. Chris Adler of Lamb of God did not play drums on the new Slipknot record. I guess I won’t be listening to the new Slipknot record, then. Adler cleared the air after his awkward denial earlier this week. “I’ve received even more questions about my involvement with Slipknot since the ABC […]

At The Gates Finish New Album

At The Gates

One of the year’s most anticipated albums (at least from where I’m standing) is now recorded. Seminal Swedish metal act At the Gates have completed recording, mixing and mastering their comeback LP At War With Reality. The disc will be in stores October 28. It was recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg and was mixed […]