More Footage From Megadeth Drum Sessions Posted


Of course, we still have no actual idea who the studio drummer is for Megadeth’s forthcoming album, but chances are likely that Chris Adler of Lamb of God is Dave Mustaine’s man. We’ll have to wait for official word, of course. Until then, it’s mere speculation. But, yes…today, more video was filmed, showing Megadeth’s new […]

Could This Clip Contain New Deftones Music?


I am overly anxious to hear the next Deftones record, so any audio that leaks out onto the web sparks my interest. Today, the video at the end of this post was released, and it allegedly features some audio from the upcoming album the Deftones are now working on in a recording studio. The video […]

Megadeth Releases Video Of Drummer In Action


Is that Chris Adler’s leg? The following video was released today by Megadeth, who are in a recording studio working on a new record. Presumably, they’ve enlisted Adler, who is the drummer for Lamb of God. Rumors suggest Angra’s Kiko Loureiro is also in the studio with Megadeth, playing second guitar. Adler, of course, is […]

Veil Of Maya Detail Next LP, Debut New Tune


Chicagoan deathcore band Veil Of Maya are returning with a new album this May. Sumerian Records will issue Matriarch on May 12, to be precise. A new song called “Mikasa” follows at the end of this post. Isn’t that the name of the fine crystal company whose shit people register for when they get engaged? […]

Cradle Of Filth Finish Work On New Album

Cradle of Filth

The new Cradle Of Filth is in the bag, motherfuckers! Cradle announced they’ve finished tracking their new album, which is called Hammer Of The Witches. Nuclear Blast will release it in late June. The album is being mixed at present, but this weekend, the band will venture to Suffolk, England, to shoot a music video. […]

Church Tongue Guitarist Catches Fire

Church Tongue

This post is about a guitarist catching fire in Indiana. Church Tongue’s Nicko Calderon was lit ablaze during a recent gig in Indiana. He continued rocking out while burning up. Church Tongue, who I had never heard of before today, were the openers for Beartooth and Vanna, who played a house show in Indiana. Video […]

Stone Temple Pilots Drop Singer From Name

Stone Temple Park

But Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington will continue to be the frontman for the Stone Temple Pilots. It’s just that they’ve excised the “With Chester Bennington” aspect from their moniker. The Stone Temple Pilots have been working on new music as of late. Said Bennington to “We can’t wait to get out and perform again, […]

Noisem Release Trailer For Next LP

Blossoming Decay

That band Noisem all the kids seem to talk about these days have an album coming out in a matter of months. The band’s second LP will be called Blossoming Decay when it streets in May. An exact date for its release is still being cemented. A389 Recordings has agreed to put out the new […]

Burzum’s Varg Vikernes Offers Love Advice

Varg Vikernes

The only advice I’d seek from Varg Vikernes is how to best incinerate churches or how to survive if I’m ever convicted of killing one of my friends and wind up behind bars for years. I’d never go to the man for advice on affairs of the heart, but Varg has taken it upon himself […]

David Lee Roth Endorses Busty Chick’s “Teacher” Cover

What's up, girl

I like boobs. Love ‘em, in fact. Big fan. They’re awesome, big or small. But they’re more awesome big. Sometimes sloppy big. Some chick with an ample rack named Trisha Paytas has released a video, which follows at the end of this post. It boasts a bunch of smoking hot babes, but mostly focuses on […]