Terror, Goatwhore Added To New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

"Hey cookie, I dropped my pencil"

They might as well just release the entire lineup already. It’s not like the bill doesn’t already fucking rule. You think adding Terror’s going to get some kid to go, “Wait one hot fucking second! I wasn’t sold until this Terror announcement. Fuck it, I’ll go.” At this point, people are either going or not […]

Black Table Announce Shows

Black Table

Experimental New York metal band Black Table has announced a tour, and you should go check them out. Dates for the band’s “The Great Southern Heist” tour follow at the end of this post. Go check ‘em out and see if the band’s coming to a town or city or village or borough near you. […]

Two More Bands Added To New England Metal & Hardcore Fest

Job For A Cowboy

Oh yes, folks. The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival keeps growing. Like that thing in your shorts. Keep taking those vitamins, and it’ll be a full three inches…from the GROUND! Job For A Cowboy and D.R.I. were both added to this year’s Metalfest bill. Metalfest goes down at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts, on […]

Dillinger Escape Plan, Allegaeon Tapped For New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

Dillinger Escape Plan

Yup. One of the best metal festival’s in the U.S. of fucking A goes down each spring in Worcester, Massachusetts. The annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival XV revealed today that a bunch of bands have been added to the already impressive bill. Which bands? How about Allegaeon, Alpha & Omega, Born Low, MurderDeathKill […]

Voyager Change Name to VYGR


Wait, I see what they did there…they just took out all of the vowels and now it’s just VYGR. I wonder why? Voyager is a pretty sick name. Not like Ignominious Incarceration. Oh wait, there’s an explanation for it. In a post on their Web site, the band claims “we’ve achieved a plane of existance […]