Wolf Announce Next Record

Devil Seed

Wolf are back! The band’s seventh studio album — entitled simply Devil Seed — will be released on August 25 in Europe and on September 2 in North America through Century Media Records. This time around, the wolves have teamed up with Jens Bogren (Kreator, Paradise Lost, Opeth) over at Fascination Street Studios and have […]

Wolf Releasing Own Absinthe

Wish I could a bottle

That’s right, folks. But not in the states, sadly. Swedish metal titans Wolf have launched their own Wolf label absinthe. The Scandinavian four-piece are longtime patrons of absinthe and even wrote a song dedicated to the infamous drink on their most recent album, Legions Of Bastards. It was only a matter of time before they […]

Devilstone Open Air 2013 Set For July

You should go

We won’t be attending, but GSA is, in fact, one of the sponsors of Devilstone Open Air 2013, an extreme music festival happening this July in Lithuania. We saw the poster for the event, and had to be involved. The festival will boast a bunch of solid bands, including Enslaved, Kadavar, Tides From Nebula, Koldbrann, […]

Wolf Release Own Hot Sauce

I can dig it

The Sword has a hot sauce — so why not Wolf? The Swedish metal act has release a Wolf’s Blood Hot Sauce. “This bloody hot sauce is made in Costa Rica and it is a combination of the world’s hottest known chilli pepper Naga Jolokia with pepper extract and ranges at an incredible 666.000 Scoville […]

Armored Saint, Soilwork Booked For ProgPower USA


That’s right. Too bad the ProgPower USA festival happens in Georgia. Otherwise, I might attend. I really have no desire to go to Atlanta. Sorry. Just not what I’m interested in. I’d rather go somewhere with beaches. Why couldn’t they have ProgPower USA in Bermuda? The lineup for the 2013 ProgPower USA festival is already […]

Update: Wolves Do Not Like Creed

Wolfs no likey Megadeth

It’s OK. Not every creature on Earth has to be down with Creed. Most humans I know don’t even like Creed, in fact — but wolves? They straight up hate the band. This, according to a story I spotted on Blabbermouth. Apparently, a 13-year-old Norwegian boy avoided being attacked by a pack of wolves by […]