Anthrax To Release Anthem In March


It’s true. Anthrax had been in the studio in recent months tracking a selection of cover tunes. These will now surface on March 18 in the form of an EP called Anthem Scott Ian recently said in an interview that the effort would include covers of AC/DC’s “T.N.T.,” Boston’s “Smokin’,” Cheap Trick’s “Big Eyes,” Journey’s […]

Scott Ian Talks Anthrax Covers Set


In a new interview, Anthrax’s Scott Ian says making the band’s upcoming covers collection was great fun. “It was a lot of fun, especially because a lot of those [songs] aren’t, I guess, normal for us or like so much of our repertoire — although they are because they’re songs we all knew,” says Ian. […]

Anthrax Covers EP Due In March

Scott Ian

Yes, yes. This, according to the billy goat bearded guitarist Scott Ian. Ian says Anthrax’s covers EP they’ve been working on will be out in March. Saving the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans. It’s been reported that covers effort will be packaged with a re-release of the group’s latest album, Worship […]

Anthrax Still Working On Cover Tunes


Anthrax revealed this week that they were back in the studio. What for? They’re recording more cover tunes. Why? What’s with all the questions, Woodward? The band’s been tracking covers of their favorite rock classics for inclusion on the upcoming re-release of their latest album Worship Music. So far, the guys have recorded covers of […]

The Granville Diaries Part 2 – A Toast To Testament

Sean Harris

As I write this, I’m listening to Testament’s newest album, Dark Roots Of Earth and if I may say so, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! The ’80s were definitely the glory years for Testament but as new albums from older bands go, this one’s a keeper. Hell, even Lamb of God’s Chris Adler makes an appearance! I […]

Anthrax Issue Open Letter To Fans


That’s right. Anthrax’s publicist just issued the following open letter to fans. Read on, bitches. “It was a little more than a year ago — September 13, 2011 — that Worship Music was released, and all of us in Anthrax can’t believe how much has happened since then. “Our friends in the press gave the […]

The Granville Diaries Part 1 — Music To Worship

Sean Harris

Faithful readers, Sean here again and I’ve been hard at work. Well, if you want to call going to metal shows and meeting the bands work, I’ve been swamped. Just this past Thursday evening, there was so much epic packed into one day, my head nearly exploded! Before coffee I took the hour-long drive down […]

Anthrax Icon Record Sells Less Than 70 Copies


Props to the MetalSucks dudes for picking up on this. I don’t have access to Nielsen Soundscan data, so, I can’t get weekly sales figures. Props, also, to Dunkin Donuts — for their new mint hot chocolate. I am drinking one of these refreshing bastards right now, and holy shit…it’s like an Andes mint facefucked […]

Yet More Anthrax, Testament Dates Announced


For someone with my face, I’ve gotta say I’ve done fairly well in the chick department. This dong has seen some serious action, and at least 80-percent of that action was with broads I considered super fucking cute or super fucking hot. Anyways, you’re probably here for Anthrax tour dates. They’re at the end of […]

Anthrax Roll Out Second Leg Dates


Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel will be playing a bunch of shows in early 2012, and we have a list of those gigs for you after the jump. Anthrax completed the first leg of its U.S. tour last month, and had hinted recently at more shows in ’12. Anthrax’s new album Worship Music is in […]