Baroness Finishing Up New One


New music is coming from Baroness, folks. This should come as little surprise, as we’ve reported previously that the band was working on new songs. Now, Noisey has spoken with guitarist Peter Adams, who says the writing should be done for the next Baroness LP within weeks. “We’re actually in the studio right now,” he […]

Dave Mustaine: Megadeth’s LP Nearly Finished

Dave Mustaine

The writing of it, that is. See, those videos that Megadeth released last week showing Chris Adler doing what people love him doing were shot during writing sessions, not the actual recording of the band’s next album. That, according to Dave Mustaine, will all start next week. Adler, Lamb of God’s drummer, and Megadeth’s two […]

Carcass Guitarist Plotting New Material


Carcass guitarist Bill Steer says he’s hopeful the band will be able to spend the next few months working on material for the next album. In an interview with The Rockpit, Bill says he’s got his fingers crossed. He doesn’t want things to “get too hectic [on the touring front], because it would be quite […]

Gorguts Writing For Next LP

Gorguts writes

The almighty Gorguts have assembled like Voltron to begin writing new songs for their next record. The band’s Kevin Hufnagel said as much in a post on Facebook. “Up in the great white north this week for the first Gorguts writing session for the next record,” he writes. I’m stoked. Are you? I hope the […]

Skeletonwitch Working On New Album


It’s been a while since Skeletonwitch drummer Dustin Boltjes has checked in with his column for us on horror flicks. There’s a good reason for that. He’s been busy. Working with Skeletonwitch on a new record. The material has been taking shape in recent months. Skeletonwitch plans to record and release the album this year. […]

Tool Resolves Lawsuits, Returns To Writing


Since 2007, Tool has been battling it out in court with both a former friend (who’d claimed he was owed money for artwork he’d created for Tool) and their onetime insurance company, who they countersued. But Tool’s legal travails are now finally behind them, with word from Blabbermouth that the suits have been settled, and […]

Neurosis: Still Writing New Songs

The guys take a break from writing

We told you in late December that the dudes in Neurosis were getting ready to begin work on material for their next studio set. So, really, the fact that Neurosis have a new album in the works should come as no surprise. That’s if you read this blog regularly, as you’ll be able to keep […]

Testament Halfway Done With New Album


The dudes in Testament continue to write new material for their next album. During NAMM out in California, Testament’s Alex Skolnick took time out to gaze upon Metal Sanaz during an interview. He claims Testament “takes our time writing music. We can’t crank out a record every year. But we’re also not gonna do a […]

Morbid Angel Working On New Material, Says Drummer

Morbid Angel. Photo by Alex Solca

Ah, NAMM. I’ve never been able to attend you (or half the other fucking events I’d love to cover for that matter), but you always end up producing news. Today’s one of those days where nothing is happening, so let’s thank the folks at ddrum for this tidbit. Morbid Angel drummer Tim Yeung made the […]

Amon Amarth Working On Next Record

Amon Amarth

So, the blizzard that was supposed to bury my ‘hood under three feet of snow only hit my area with less than two feet of the white shit. I’ve spent much of the morning digging out my car and clearing the sidewalk around the building I live in; I’m the only one who lives here […]