Deftones Guitarist Discusses New Material


B-Real of Cypress Hill has started a blog, it seems, about music and weed, and recently interviewed Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter, who I am just learning is a bona fide pot head. During the interview, available here, Carpenter discusses the next Deftones disc. “We’re just literally starting to work on new stuff for a new […]

Decrepit Birth Working On New Music

Decrepit Birth

Californian death metal collective Decrepit Birth have started working on new material for their next album. The band have no definitive plans yet to start tracking the follow up to 2010’s Polarity, but we will keep you posted. Drummer Samus says of the new stuff: “This one is gonna be fucking nasty. Matt and I […]

Deftones Writing New Album


As you read these words, it’s very likely the Deftones are somewhere in California, working out new songs for the band’s next album. This is what Deftones and Crosses singer Chino Moreno confirmed during a recent stop in Australia. “I haven’t personally started [writing new songs], but the other guys started last week, actually,” Moreno […]

Dew-Scented Begin Writing For New Album


After spending last year on the road, German thrash stalwarts Dew-Scented have started writing material for a new full-length, which is due in early 2015. States vocalist Leif Jensen: “2014 is scheduled to be a ‘quieter’ year since we are focusing on writing the follow-up album to 2012’s Icarus. We have gathered about eight really […]

Deftones Eager To Write, Moreno Says In New Interview


An interview with Billboard clears up any confusion that anyone may have had over when the Deftones might be convening to make glorious new music together. It’s soon. Not 2015…soon. Like, this month soon. Like we said the first time. Chino tells Billboard the band’s “eager to start writing music” for the next LP, and […]

Napalm Death Writing New Music

Napalm Death

That’s right, people. There’s no telling when we’ll get to hear it or when it will be recorded, but Napalm Death are writing new songs. The band Tweeted the news out yesterday: “Productive rehearsal today a couple of new raging Napalm tunes in the bag!” Good times. Of course we’ll keep you posted as news […]

Enslaved Working On New Stuff


I’m still bummed I missed the Amon Amarth, Enslaved and Skeletonwitch show in New York City. It seems I was the only person in New York not there, if Facebook is any indication of reality. I was listed for the show, but ended up getting cut last minute, I guess. It happens. Looks like the […]

Obituary Play New Songs In Tampa


At the end of this post, you will find a video featuring fan-filmed footage of Obituary playing three new songs in Tampa. That’s Tampa, Florida — not Tampa, Oregon. The songs come from the band’s forthcoming crowdfunded LP, which cost more than $60,000 to make. The following video was shot at the Brass Mug on […]

Ghost Plotting New Album


That’s right, folks. Let’s hope they rush it and it sucks again. A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost tells a New Zealand newspaper that the group will be recording this fall. “We are going to tour most of the year. But we have longer breaks between the tours now. So on the road, but especially off […]

MyChildren MyBride Writing New Tunes

MyChildren MyBride

You may give a fuck. I don’t. I think this band’s name is so bad, they deserve to be ignored by all willing ears. But there’s a slight chance you might care about MyChildren MyBride, and so this post is for you, fucker. The band are working on new material. Says frontman Matthew Hasting: “MCMB […]