Neurosis: Still Writing New Songs

The guys take a break from writing

We told you in late December that the dudes in Neurosis were getting ready to begin work on material for their next studio set. So, really, the fact that Neurosis have a new album in the works should come as no surprise. That’s if you read this blog regularly, as you’ll be able to keep […]

Testament Halfway Done With New Album


The dudes in Testament continue to write new material for their next album. During NAMM out in California, Testament’s Alex Skolnick took time out to gaze upon Metal Sanaz during an interview. He claims Testament “takes our time writing music. We can’t crank out a record every year. But we’re also not gonna do a […]

Morbid Angel Working On New Material, Says Drummer

Morbid Angel. Photo by Alex Solca

Ah, NAMM. I’ve never been able to attend you (or half the other fucking events I’d love to cover for that matter), but you always end up producing news. Today’s one of those days where nothing is happening, so let’s thank the folks at ddrum for this tidbit. Morbid Angel drummer Tim Yeung made the […]

Amon Amarth Working On Next Record

Amon Amarth

So, the blizzard that was supposed to bury my ‘hood under three feet of snow only hit my area with less than two feet of the white shit. I’ve spent much of the morning digging out my car and clearing the sidewalk around the building I live in; I’m the only one who lives here […]

Cannabis Corpse Working On New Songs

Writing is happening here

I bullshit you not, kids. The dudes in Cannabis Corpse have been plugging away on new material as of late. Attached to this post is photographic proof of the writing sessions, as posted online by the band. That’s it for news today, people. I have to go back to trying to unclog the drain in […]

It’s Back To Writing For The Deftones


It appears work has resumed on the forthcoming Deftones release. The band’s accomplished bassist Sergio Vega went on Twitter and implied as much with a post over the weekend. If Vega’s to be believed, the Deftones are back in the same room right now, hammering out some new jams. There’s no word yet on how […]

Chris Adler “Impressed” By Ideas For Next Lamb Of God LP

Lamb of God

In a new interview with Jose Mangin of SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal, Chris Adler, the drummer for Lamb of God, says that the new material the band’s been tinkering with is pretty killer. No doubt, no doubt. Especially since the band’s been dormant more or less since Randy Blythe’s exoneration. According to Chris, who used to […]

Black Dahlia Murder Writing

The Black Dahlia Murder

That’s right, folks. Michigan sons The Black Dahlia Murder have begun writing material for their next release. Ryan Knight, the band’s guitarist, confirmed the news in an online post. We have no additional details at this time. However, I’m sure the record will be smashing. Though nothing holds a candle to that early stuff they […]

Blythe Lays Out Lamb Of God’s Plans For 2015

Randy Blythe

Lamb of God are writing new songs, according to Randy Blythe, the Virginia metal band’s frontman. Randy tells Noisey that the next year will be a busy one for the band, with tons of shows booked. “Lamb of God is playing a bunch of big gigs this year, and sooner or later we’ll write an […]

Dez Finds New Blood For DevilDriver

Dez Fartfarta

Stop the fucking presses. Dez Fafara just wrapped up the sessions for the new Coal Chamber record, and already, he’s started writing fresh material for his other band DevilDriver’s next opus. DevilDriver, as you know, recently lost two members, so when Dez Tweeted his followers that he was in the studio sculpting new tunes (which, […]