Morbid Angel To Start Writing Soon

Morbid Angel. Photo by Alex Solca

I know you can not wait for their next one. Morbid Angel frontman and bassist David Vincent claims the band will be focusing on writing new material for their next album. They’re going to spend much of early 2015 writing, he tells Planetmosh. “Whatever it ends up being is whatever it ends up being. We’re […]

Broken Hope Writing Next Album

Broken Hope

That’s right, folks. Broken Hope have started writing new songs. Presumably, those songs will eventually be prepped, then recorded, and released as an actual album. The band promises to keep fans posted. As more specific details on the disc surfaces (like a title or release date), count on us to bring you that information. If […]

Glassjaw Writing New Material?

Is this for real?

It appears perhaps that Glassjaw are writing new songs. The Long Island hardcore band has not actually come out and specifically said that, but today, they posted the attached image on Facebook. It advertises a sale on all Glassjaw merch online, and offers fans this unusual discount code: “weactuallyjuststartedwriting.” To me, that means Glassjaw’s working […]

Trivium To Start Writing For Next LP


Man, I knew something super shitty was going to happen this week. I just figured ISIS would somehow be involved. I do mean those terrorist fucks who kill…not the erstwhile band that killed it live. Perhaps ISIS is nevertheless somehow behind the following tidbit of doleful news: Trivium will soon start writing new songs for […]

Cattle Decapitation Still Writing Next Album

Cattle Decapitation

Hey folks. Today’s been a very strange day for me. Hence, the lack of posts on the site. But all will be OK, I hope. Things could be changing, though. But more on that later. Right now, let’s learn about Cattle Decapitation, who’ve been writing material as of late for their next LP. The band, […]

New Music Coming From Lamb Of God

Lamb of God

Indeed, there is something happening in Lamb of God’s world, and that something is new tuneage. Virginia metal stalwarts Lamb Of God are writing material for their next album, which is expected to surface in 2015. Guitar equipment manufacturer Mesa Engineering confirmed the fact yesterday. They posted a photo online, saying: “Lamb of God is […]

KsE’s Jesse Leach Working On Old School Hardcore Project

Jesse Leach

That Jesse Leach sure likes to keep busy, huh? Right now, for instance, I happen to know he’s working on lyrics for Killswitch Engage’s next one in addition to writing for one of his many side projects, The Empire Shall Fall. He’s got AliKen, too — a solo project that’s released several songs online. Plus, […]

Meshuggah Working On New Music


Meshuggah guitarist Mårten Hagström was a guest on the Rabid Noise Podcast recently, and spoke about the band’s upcoming album, which they’ve started working on now. He said: “[We’re] mainly just sending stuff back and forth. I’ve been sitting down the last few weeks at home working by himself. I know Tomas has been working […]

Megadeth To Start Tracking New Album In January

Dave Mustaine

Wait. Did I miss something? Did Dave Mustaine find his mother-in-law yet? Because, I don’t know why he’s talking about a new record when his wife’s mom is still missing. He should be out there, searching. You’ve gotta find that fucking woman, Dave. Not Dave. Nope. He says Megadeth is about to start working on […]

Ozzy Osbourne: Three Songs Written For Next Solo LP

Ozzy Osbourne

With his latest career retrospective in stores, some fans are wondering when Ozzy Osbourne will actually release another new solo album. After all, it’s been a little bit now since that last one, which was pretty piss poor, by all accounts I’d heard. But Ozzy says he’s ready to return to the studio to record […]