About Us

About GSA staff:

Nathan Bartlebaugh

Nathan is the administrator and lead editor for Gun Shy Assassin. Ever since an early childhood viewing of King Kong showed him exactly how to snap a T-Rex’s jaws, he’s been a lifelong fan of the film. A stint in high school working at a video rental store has left him with a freakish encyclopedia of film knowledge, some he’d just as soon forget. Nathan started blogging about film in 2009 when he founded the site Cinematropolis, also writing extensively for entertainment venues like Atomic Popcorn and Movie Mobsters. He’s still fascinated at cinema’s ability to provide escape, to inspire, and make the dream of washed-up pop stars fighting giant critters a reailty. These days, he believes the most interesting stuff in the medium is happening in the indie film arena.

Seth Dombach

Born in the quiet country of Central Pennsylvania, Seth found a love of all things cinema at a young age. Whether it was Stephen King, the Universal Monsters, or the genius of Kubrick, Seth soaked it all in. Viewing film as more an art form than just entertainment, he’s interested in the meaning and depth behind our love and obsession with the movies. Of course, he doesn’t shy away from a great B-flick either. When he’s not writing for PCN he can be found at his own haunt, Kloipy Speaks, where he explores more than just film and at Twitter at twitter.com/Kloipy.

 James Green

My name is James Crawford Green. I am a man who loves all things media, with the exception of Jersey Shore.  My slight obsession with films began at a young age, which I am sure is usually how it begins. One evening, my mother let me stay up past my bedtime to watch Die Hard for the very first time. That was it. I was hooked. The tension, the theatrics, the clever quips, it was all so amazing to me. Then, I found myself thinking more about films. More than just how entertaining they were. From cinematography to soundtrack, I paid attention to it all.  Anyway, I truly hope that you enjoy my silly opinions on things that most people don’t care that much about.

 Mike York

My name is Mike. I grew up in a small corner of northern Baltimore County. Since High School, I’ve had a passion for film that really boomed once I finished college. During the Summer, you can typically find me at every major release, dropping a fair amount of cash on tickets, popcorn, soda, and all the things that make the movies awesome. Beginning in fantasy with my first love, Lord of the Rings, I moved on through the fantasy and adventure genres,  and always kept my finger on the pulse of comedy, scifi, action, and even a few indie films. These days, I live and breath on the internet, so my reviews may carry a bit more of a comedic flair to them than others, but that doesn’t make it any less honest or sincere. I hope you all enjoy reading what I have to say! Feel free to follow me on Twitter! I’ll be tweeting all of my entries here.

Anne Chickering

Anne is a 23 year old starving artist killin’ it in LA, and the only female writer on the site so far. She has an academic background in film studies and production, and is way too into Game of Thrones. She absolutely spends too much time watching movies and TV, and is incredibly honored that some people somewhere may want to read the things that she says. Anne enjoys most styles and genres of cinema, but has yet to make it through an entire horror film in the theatre. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing guitar, and garlic mashed potatoes.

Jeffrey Cole

Jeff discovered a love for reading while living in a trailer on an Indian reservation. Robert Ludlum and Stephen King in middle school have given way to Cormac McCarthy.  He teaches language arts at a middle school.  He’s interested lately in books about politics—how people should govern themselves.