10 Ways to Get Additional Space on Your iPhone or iPad

Those who are using 16GB iOS devices must be facing full storage space problem but now stop worrying as we are here to guide you the 10 top tips on how to free storage space on your iPhone or iPad.

Clear Safari History and Website Data

Clearing Safari data on your iPhone or iPad help free 1GB+ storage in some cases it will take few seconds to clear up Safari for the free storage on your iOS device. Following are the steps to get it done:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open Safari
  3. Clear History and Website Data
  4. Clear History and Data

Turn off My Photo Stream

This Photo Stream service automatically saves almost your 1000 last photos from your camera roll and pushes it to the other iCloud enabled devices. Photo Stream can take up some local space too in your phone in some cases. You should turn it off to save your storage space by following this.

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Go to iCloud
  3. Photos
  4. My Photo Stream

Turn on iCloud Photo Library

Apple’s new photo service iCloud photo library saves everything in your camera roll to iCloud photo library and then it’s up to you to keep the original version or optimized version of your photos on your device. It helps you to save your storage space on your device. Follow this.

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Open iCloud
  3. Photos
  4. iCloud Photo Library

Delete and reinstall apps

By deleting your apps and then reinstalling it again helps you to save your valuable storage space. Just see the apps which are unusually using a lot more space than their original size shown in the app store. Follow this:

  1. navigate to settings
  2. go to general
  3. usage
  4. manage storage

Delete Music Stream via iCloud

iTunes directly stream music to iCloud without downloading them. If you want to stream music of iTunes via iCloud you need to delete the music files you have stored locally. Once deleted, you will see all your local files under ready to stream category. This will enable iTunes to stream music directly from iCloud saving you storage as you do not have to download them.

Delete Message Threads

If you share photos and videos a lot through iMessaging, then you are building up piles of extra data on your storage. You can get rid of all these useless files by removing your large iMessage threads.

Update your iOS

If you have an early version of iPhone you do not have to jailbreak it as you can update your iOS to 8.x as it is getting famous for saving a whole lot of memory. To update your phone with latest version of iOS available via OTA follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open General
  3. Select Software Update

Delete Unnecessary Screenshots

Taking screenshots is fun to have and to share but too many of them could cause an unwanted clutter on your storage. Get rid of them to save extra space.

Clear Temp Files and Others

Temp files are created without your consent and often stays even when they are not needed, and that too without your consent. You need to get rid of them. Use apps like Screeny to flush out all the unnecessary files.

Clear Safari Reading List

Safari offers a feature they call Reading List that saves your pages for offline reading. A very useful feature indeed but could cost you extra storage. Once you are done with a reading, you need to get rid of it so you do not end up filling up your storage with unwanted stuff. Follow these steps to clear your Reading List

  1. Go to General
  2. Open Usage
  3. Tap on Manage Storage
  4. Under it, select Safari and choose Offline Reading List
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