10 Ways to Save Your Apple Watch’s Battery Life

Apple Watch has got a reputable position in providing long lasting battery life to its users. Apple has claimed that a fully charged Apple Watch can provide a 24 hour battery support or an 18 hour battery life for mix usage. These statistics were created by testing Watch in perfectly normal situations. What if you wanted to extend the life a little? Or what if you had to use it for more than stipulated 18 or 24 hours? There are certain tips that we have outlined, that are proved for providing extra battery support by offloading unnecessary usage off your battery.

Turn Off Unnecessary Glances

Glances are mini windows that work as a snippet, providing you certain information that you can access by swiping up on the Watch’s home screen. Some of these glances have to pull data off from your iPhone to display and this involves waves of energy on your battery. This is where this useful feature becomes a burden. You can turn off Glances from your iPhone to gain extra minutes on your battery. You can turn them off by going to Apple Watch app on your iPhone and selecting Glances. Here you can tap on (-) minus against each app mentioned that you want to disable.

Turn Off Unwanted Notifications

Notifications are the major feature that is the reason of Apple Watch’s success among general users. They let you know which notification is worth pulling out your iPhone and which not. Off course to display these notifications, Apple Watch has to extract data from your iPhone that could make your battery feel heavy. You can turn off unwanted notification alerts to save some battery life. You can manage your notifications by launching Apple Watch app on your iPhone and moving to Notifications. Here you can check in or check out the apps for which you want to or do not want to receive notifications.

Turn Off Siri

Siri is a wonderful feature for Apple devices since day one but it involves sucking up a lot of battery as it involves your microphone and speaker along with the main processing unit. You can turn off Siri to save battery life by going into Apple Watch app on your iPhone, selecting General and then Siri. Here you can turn off Hey Siri by tapping the toggle.

Turn Off Transparency Effects

Transparency provides amazing graphical display to its users. Drawing graphics involves GPU that evidently affects the battery life. Apple Watch’s transparency effects are apple of the eye to many users by providing them fresh and smooth users experience but turning it off could provide you added battery life to your existing battery storage. Turning it off is a good option especially when you are in need of other important features rather than having something to comfort your eyes. You can turn off transparency effects from Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Open General, go to Accessibility, and then select Reduce Transparency. Here you need to select Reduce Transparency toggle to turn it on. As an added advantage this feature will also make text quite much readable on mini screen of your Apple Watch.

Turn On Reduce Motion

The Motion mode works just like Transparency effects adding more spark to Apple Watch’s users interface. When in need of more than pleasure of eyes, you can turn on the reduce motion mode to save extra minutes on your battery life. To turn it ON, you need to open Apple Watch app on your iPhone and then follow this path: General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and then turn it ON by tapping on toggle. This feature can be turned on by your Apple Watch as well. You can do that by going into Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and then turning it ON.

Turn Off Wrist Detection

Wrist Detection is an ultimate security measure that is provided in Apple Watch by default. It works in association with a proximity sensor that is place right beneath the Watch. Once it maintains contact with your skin it will lock itself with a passcode, if you have assigned any. Keeping it on will provide your data ultimate security. If you are not that much nosey about your security then you can turn it off to save extra battery life as the proximity sensor that we talked about uses handsome amount of battery against keeping your stuff secure. You can turn if off by following this path: Apple Watch app > General > Wrist Detection and then toggling it OFF. Once this feature is turned off, your device will not automatically become active when you take your wrist near to your face, but you have to use the manual and traditional way to wake it up by tapping on its main screen.

Turn On Grayscale Mode

Having so many colors on your screen involves higher involvement of GPU to support their charm and brightness. If you want to save your battery on emergency basis then you can switch to Grayscale mode which will save you few extra minutes. You can turn it on by launching Apple Watch app on your iPhone and following this path: General > Accessibility and tap on toggle against Grayscale mode.

Turn off Automatic Downloads

Automatic Downloads is a feature that will keep your iPhone and Apple Watch on same note in terms of apps that you are downloading. For instance, if you have downloaded an app that also provides support to Apple Watch, it will automatically download itself on Watch as well without asking your permission. It is a good option if you want to keep both of them synchronized. But if you happen to download a lot of apps at same time then you might want to consider switching it OFF. You can turn it OFF by following this path once you have launched Apple Watch app on your iPhone: General > Automatic Downloads and then turning it off.

Disable Prominent Haptic

Prominent Haptic is a feature made to make sure that you do not miss a notification even when you are offline. It works with Taptic Engine that pushes the GPU to an extent affecting your battery life. You can disable this feature by launching the Apple app on your iPhone and going into Sound & Haptic and then toggling it OFF. This can also be turned off right from your Apple Watch. To do so, you need to access your Settings app and then selecting Sounds & Haptic and then turning it OFF.

Lower Notification Alert Volume

Apple Watch can alert you with loud noises to make sure that you do not miss a notification. You can disable these alerts to save battery life. You can lower down or turn off notification alerts by launching Apple Watch app and then navigating to Sounds & Haptics and then use the Volume Slider to adjust volume as per your needs considering your battery life. Alert volume can also be adjusted from your Apple Watch directly. You can do so by following same path that you used over your iPhone.

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