20 Things That Apple Watch Can Do While Connected To Wi-Fi

It is a general understanding that Apple Watch has to be connected to your iPhone with Bluetooth connectivity to operate at its fullest. But, you may not know that your Apple Watch can still do wonders even when it is not connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth. You need to have it connected to any active Wi-Fi network though.

Below is the list of all the functions that you can perform while connected to Wi-Fi only:


Telling exact time is the specialty of Apple Watch. Anytime if you wish to know time and date either of your current location or anywhere else in the world, Apple Watch can tell you exact and accurate timings with date of various locations of Earth.

Tracking Activities

Apple Watch can keep a track on all your physical activities about how many steps you have taken, or stairs you have climbed, or how many times you stand up; all this data is stored and tracked right from your Watch without having any connection to your iPhone. Upon resuming connection, all this data is uploaded on iHealth app for further processing.

Monitor Heart Rate

Even if you have an iPhone connected or not, your Apple Watch will keep on tracking your heart rate after every 10 minutes and will synch this data to your iPhone once a connection is established.

Tracking Workouts

Your Apple Watch can track and record all your exercising activities. It is okay if you do not want to tug in your iPhone before going for a jog as the Workout app will have its built-in sensors to track your heart rate, strides and a lot of related data. It can also measure amount of distance you have ran by comparing it with your strides. You need to go for a jog a couple of times with your connected iPhone so your Apple Watch can analyze your strides and later it can calculate them on its own.

Music Playback

Once you have uploaded your favorite tracks on iPhone, you can listen to them directly from your Apple Watch without keeping your iPhone with you all the time. Just plug in your earphones and start enjoying tracks on the go.

View Photos

Apple Watch can synch all your photos on your iPhone that you have marked as your favorite. By doing this you enable yourself to carry all your favorite photos on your wrist all the time. You can change albums to be synched as well.

Apple Pay

Once you setup Apple Pay on your Apple Watch you can easily make payments anywhere from your wrist easily. You can make contactless payment terminals even when you do not have your iPhone with you. This feature does not even need an internet connection. Therefore making payments with your Watch will be as easy as making them with your iPhone.


Considering the Passbook app provided in iPhone, similar app is also available for Apple Watch that enables you to store electronic tickets, boarding passes, and much more; all that without needing your iPhone.

Open Doors

If any time of your life you have to stay at Starwood hotel, you can open the door of your room right from your wrist by making a single tap. This feature was also displayed during Apple Watch launch and is very popular among travelers.

Automatically Connects to Save Wi-Fi Networks

For now the Apple Watch cannot connect to new Wi-Fi networks on its own. It only establishes connection with those networks with whom it has connected before. But if you have connected your iPhone to any network earlier, Watch will connect it too without any trouble.


If you have an active connection of Wi-Fi with your Apple Watch you can easily send and receive messages from your iMessage app even when you do not have your iPhone around. It is very effective specially when your iPhone is somewhere else on charge and you are in another room out of Bluetooth connectivity, then this feature will serve up good.

Digital Touch

Similarly like iMessage, you can use Digital Touch to send Scribbles, taps and your heart rate with your friends all that over Wi-Fi.


Siri is a very valuable feature of iPhone. Your digital assistant will work even when you do not have a valid connection of Bluetooth with your Apple Watch. It will answer your queries and will do stuff for you as you ask her to do.


Here are some other features that require both your iPhone and Apple Watch to be connected over same Wi-Fi network even if there is no connection of Bluetooth between them.

Send / Receive Message

Just like you use iMessage, you can send and receive message from your Apple Watch as well.


Apple Watch can pull out the latest and updated weather report right on your Apple Watch even when your iPhone is not near.


If your iPhone and Apple Watch are on the same Wi-Fi network, then you can get a glimpse of Maps on your wrist to get some directions or to prevent yourself from getting lost.


Do not worry if your iPhone and Apple Watch are far from Bluetooth connectivity as Mail can still pull out your recent most emails for you on your Watch.


Stocks works perfectly over Wi-Fi, keeping up with Stocks was never too easy before.

Make / Receive Phone Calls

Be as trendy as you can. Use your Apple Watch to make calls directly from it like a super hero even when you are not connected to your iPhone over Bluetooth.


If you have setup notifications alert for your Apple Watch in your iPhone, then you will constantly get updates via Notifications so you can keep yourself updated.

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