3 Inches Of Blood’s Cam Pipes: The Gun Shy Interview

Cam Pipes

Today, Vancouver’s own 3 Inches of Blood have a killer new album in stores called Long Live Heavy Metal. I have been listening to this monster for a couple of weeks now, and must admit…the album’s a fucking winner.

As such, 3 Inches frontman Cam Pipes has been doing phone interviews from the road, as 3 Inches of Blood are currently on tour with Dying Fetus, The Faceless, and DevilDriver. Cam took the time recently to talk to Gun Shy Assassin, and commit himself to our undying efforts to pinpoint the locations of glory holes nationwide.

“I’ll keep an eye out, because we are stopping at rest stops and gas stations every single day,” Pipes told us recently, after we explained our “Glory Holes Across America” campaign. “I will try to keep an eye out and if I have time, I will check every stall — just to see if there’s a glory hole. I will keep an eye out now.”

But has Cam ever seen a glory hole over his more than ten years as the lead singer of a touring band?

“I think maybe once or twice,” Pipes admits. “It’s not something I’m really looking for, but sometimes you will notice stuff like that. It could be that the ones I think I’ve seen may just be accidental holes fucking punched in the fucking stall. Because a couple I remember looked kind of jagged — so I didn’t know if they were intended to be used as a glory hole.”

Restrooms in general are a fucking nightmare on the road, from what Cam tells me.

“We go to a lot of truck stops and Flying Js, and so you’ll go into the bathroom where there are showers in there too for truckers, and there are just dudes getting changed in the middle of the restroom and they fucking stink,” Pipes says.

“I remember this one dude…he was just like buck naked in the middle of the bathroom,” Cam starts. “He had just gotten out of the shower, and all you could smell was his nasty feet. There’s not a lot that’s worse than shitty foot smell — where the guy’s fucking feet smell like fucking dick cheese or something like that. Fortunately, we haven’t run into glory holes that much.”

Racist graffiti, yes — but glory holes, not so much.

“I always see shit like, ‘For a good dick-sucking time call Big Jim,’ or ‘Be here at 2 a.m. on Thursday and wait for Big Jim.’ You always see shit like that, and its always a Big Jim,” says Pipes.

We spoke to Cam early into the tour with DevilDriver.

“We just started this tour, so we’re getting back in the swing of being on the road again,” Pipes tells Gun Shy during our recent talk…right before the band’s sets at South By Southwest. For Cam, it takes about a week to get back in playing shape.

“The first week, you’re trying to get your sea legs back,” says Cam. “But you play a few shows, and you go, ‘OK, cool — its like riding a bike.’ Like, ‘OK, this is what it’s like.’ We haven’t done a full-on tour for a year now.”

3 Inches of Blood took last summer off after years of relentless touring, and took the fall to write Long Live Heavy Metal. This summer, things will be different.

“We have some summer plans in the works, but thats still being finalized,” he says. “We are looking at touring here, there, and everywhere basically — the U.S., Europe, all over the place.”

He said 3 Inches of Blood are playing a European tour in May, followed by a U.S. run in June. That’s all he would say.

“We’ll probably go across Canada some time in the summer as well,” Pipes says.

Go get the new 3 Inches of Blood. It’s fucking unruly.

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