3 Reasons Why Android M is Destined for Success

Android M is the latest operating system that Google is scheduled to present.

The new OS is still under a code name and we have yet to know the official name, but some of the features are known. According to the latest rumors, Google will present the Android M during the developers’ conference on May 28 and May 29. Let’s take a look at some of the features that will make the Android M a superb operating system.

App Permissions

At the moment, almost every application that the users install requires a permission to use the user’s data. Whenever you install an app, you must allow the app access to your contacts, photos, messages and other data. It is a serious aspect of privacy issues and Google might finally have a solution. The new Android M will provide users with a lot more control over which data an app can have access to. In essence, the users will be able to install a new application without giving it permission to use locations, photos, contacts and other data.

Voice Action

Voice Access will be a huge part of Android M. According to some of the early reports and rumors, Google will go a step further with Voice action in the new OS. At the moment, Google has its own Voice Control app and most manufacturers have one as well. But voice access is limited to the use of the phone. In Android M, it is possible that we will see Voice Action included in the applications which will allow hands-free experience for the users.


We have already seen some of the features that allow the Android smartphones to communicate with nearby devices, thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. In Android M, Nearby will be even bigger part of the way how your handset functions. The nearby feature will allow you not only to secure your phone, but also communicate with people at close distance. It is still unknown how it will work, but the early report is that the users will be able to communicate with devices, people and places that are nearby.

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