4 Awesome Minecraft Mods Available For Free

Are you bored with playing the same old standard Minecraft version that doesn’t really have that spark anymore? Well, if you think that’s all there is to Minecraft, then you’re very wrong, since you can download a wide range of mods that can help you reignite your interest in playing this amazing game. Following we’re going to take a closer look at the Best Minecraft mods, so make sure you check them all and then install the ones you think you’ll enjoy most!

Morph Mod

Many have described this mod as being quite crazy and that’s because you can actually morph into any creature you want and then kill everything living thing the map in a very cool way. For instance, if you kill a wombat, then you’ll be able to morph into one afterwards. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to gain their abilities, such as digging up holes. If you want to soar into the sky, then just kill a bat and you’ll soon be able to do that. It’s a very interesting mod that you definitely need to try out.

Pixelmon Mod

The Pixelmon mod will bring the game a lot closer to Pokemon that you probably would’ve believed it’s possible. So what this mod does is that it adds dozens of Pokemons into the game and also has its own TBS with a wide range of attacks. To attack someone, you just need to consider equipping your Pokeball and then throwing it at an enemy. This is a lot more fun than you can imagine and the feeling of playing a game within a game is really great!

Shaders Mod

If you have a powerhouse of a computer, then you should download the Shaders mod and see how powerful it actually is. When you install this mod, it’s going to make the game look really amazing. In fact, don’t be surprised if it literally makes you gasp. By adding an amazingly varied and improved depth of field, but also shadows and lighting effects, each Minecraft session you’re going to play is going to be a unique experience. If you always wondered how Minecraft would look once you bump up the graphics, then this is certainly a good way to get your answer.

Mutant Creatures Mod

Roaming freely at night in the Minecraft universe can be very dangerous and risky, but with this mod, the danger level can be increased even more. When you install this mod, you can transform the Creepers into four legged monsters that will walk around as if they’re spiders. Enderman will also become a lot creepier and those nasty zombies that roam around at night are going to turn into giants that smash the ground. Does that sound interesting enough? Well, then it seems that you have to give this mod a try.

These are definitely some of the most interesting Minecraft mods not only because they’re a lot of fun, but they basically change the entire experience of playing the game. And if you’re someone who has gotten really tired of the standard Minecraft version, giving these a try is a must!

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