4 Exciting Facts about Windows 10

Feedback about Windows 10 has been really positive so far and the latest release is anxiously awaited expecting it to be more productive and advance. What Microsoft has actually done is, combining unique features of Windows 8 that were missed in Windows 7, and some most successful and talked about features from Windows Phone. They all have collaborated so well that it appears as if these all were made apparently to be combined later in the future.

There are some of the most famous features that Windows 10 is capable of doing. We have listed them down to bring out the eagerness from you.

High End Performance on Low End Hardware

With every release of Windows, the requirements also went high demanding fast processor and updated hardware. You must have experienced that too that upgrading to Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or Vista needed the recent most updated version of your hardware. It all happened to that extent that upgrading Windows was never an option. People used to change their PC with latest one to support the fresh version of OS. But the trend has been put to end gradually as Windows 7 was lighter than Vista and similarly Windows 8 was able to replace Windows 7. Ultimately Windows 10 is lighter than its predecessors. Upgrading to Windows 10 is easy even if you have not updated your hardware since Windows 7.

Start Menu Returns: More Fun and More Options

The new Start Menu is jacked up with Live Tile. A Live Tile is a huge icon that can display information right from the app. For example Weather app initially just has an icon but on second moment it flips and will give you quick look to today’s high and lows. It will give you all the basic information that you might need from an app without even opening it. The idea was taken from Windows Phone. The updated Start Menu will give list of all installed applications and also provides Live Tiles. The outlook and design is said better than Windows 7 and 8.

Cortana: The Next Big Thing

Cortana is not a unique app nor it is a new idea, it is basically a competitor to iOS’ Siri. Cortana acts exactly like Siri, being your virtual assistant. It will read out stuff for you, take your Voice over commands and do whatever you tell her to do. Cortana’s efficiency and productivity is very much underestimated but it is nonetheless lower to Siri. You need to spend a little time with her first, telling her what you are into. If you are into sports it will let you know when your favorite game is up. If you tell her to stay updated about weather, she will keep on updating you about recent weather changes and predictions as well.

Cortana is also a great tool to get the most out of your phone. If you want to know what is happening around you, just open Cortana she will list down all the news and views that might interest you. Clicking them will take you to the relevant app for further details.

Major Improvement for Modern/Metro App

Windows has fixed a bug that was reported by many like some apps from Windows 8 like NBC Sports Live forced their users to view the app on full screen that seized all other activities that a person may be doing. These improvements for Modern/Metro app do not require a person to switch to full screen mode and continue working while listening to live commentary or their favorite programs.

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