5 Best Apps that you must have on your iPad Air 2

Apple is getting far better day by day. IPad Air 2 is an innovative and a very impressive piece of kit. If you are using iPad Air 2 already you might want to hold on your excellent device, that look the original iPad concept having a light amount of weight and frameworks. Now that you have a shiny new iPad Air 2 you must be a bit confused about the apps as which one is the best one or which one to download, so just stop worrying because we are here to tell you the best apps to download first.

Dead Eyes

Dead Eyes is for zombie lovers. Dead Eyes is a turn based zombie game which is bit like Hitman. There are over 100 levels in four episodes where you have to steer around the perils of violating zombies. This game has a beauty in it and has a jaw droppingly beautiful atmosphere where you will love to play. Zombies lovers don’t wait more just go for it. Download!

Test Chamber

Test chamber is a free game and it falls under Puzzles genre. It is a very challenging game that challenges your ideas of space. It is an interesting game that resembles crossword puzzle. You will love to play this game on your iPad should download this one too!

Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is a game of its own kind. It features a small neighborhood of which you have to control the traffic. Fun part is that you will be the one sending in cars to create traffic. Keep on sending cars by dragging their routes onto the roads but you have to be careful as it is not that easy as it seems. If any of your car crashes your previously released vehicle you are going to end up scoring negative score. Does Not Commute is a very addictive game with user friendly controls.

Driver Speedboat Paradise

If you are tired of always watching racing genre displaying car and bike games then you need to give some time to Driver Speedboat Paradise. A unique game of its kind offering you speedy and bumpy rides on your very own motorboat. This game has a very fast gameplay and extremely addictive once you learn how to do it. You can customize your boats as you level up in the game to add more fun. The game has taken laws of physics very seriously as the waves are going to try their best to turn you down but you need to kill them with power of your boat.

Adobe Slate

Adobe has been into introducing designing software since a long time. Keeping it real, Adobe has come up with a new idea they call Adobe Slate. It is a wonderful app to develop beautiful and colorful newsletter, magazines, reports, invitation cards and a lot. Adobe Slate is basically an upgraded version of MS Publisher, as it allows more freedom to its users by giving them free hand with their creations. Slate will allow you to select a theme and according to the theme you have to select fonts and colors to match your designing skills. You can view these creations of yours on any device available, let it be Android, iOS or desktop, Adobe Slate is going to be with you everywhere.

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