5 Best Apps to Increase your Creativity

If you have ever been an Arts student then you must have craved for higher creativity skills. Creativity is something that comes up either with birth or with practice. There is never a NO for creativity. We all tend to seek ways to increase our creativity that will make us stand proud and look good in the society. Not only arts student, every one belonging to any possible profession or field needs a bit of creative ideas to boost their efficiency. We have shortlisted several apps that could work best in order to increase or push your creativity to next level.

Idea Sketch

Idea Sketch is an app that will help you keeping your sudden thoughts on a paper. It is obvious that real creative ideas comes when you least think about them. With this simple and intuitive tool you can create mind maps, flow charts, or concept maps to properly arrange and manage your thoughts to get the most out of them. It is an easy to use design and clever color and shape coded box app that has various categories that make it a perfect tool to unleash the creativity hidden in you.

SketchBook Pro

If you think that words are not enough to describe your creativity then you need to have SketchBook Pro on your device. This app provides immediate forum to create and store your creative ideas that strike you while on the go. Either it is a general sketch or a quick drawing; SketchBook Pro will be there to keep all your ideas stored in it for later use. A greatest feature of this app is that it allows its users to store their visual ideas and concept in a very quick way before they are faded.


If you think your motives need proper motivation then you need to checkout TED. Unlike the bear Ted, this app is very serious and professional in nature and hosts numerous intellectual leader talking about ideas and providing their insights to their respective fields. Having this uniqueness in it, TED has become a foremost platform for such intellects and people seeking knowledge from experience. TED also has a collection of over 1100 inspirational and motivational videos on every possible subject that will push the driving force in you. These subjects range from business to technology and science to fitness.

Idea Generator

If you are stuck at a position where you need to think of something but cannot think of anything and being total blank then you need to download Idea Generator to come to your rescue. Idea Generator will help you push your brain and thoughts to get what is hidden beneath that blankness. This amazing app has three different roulette wheels that will generate different concepts to support your thinking process. Well, not every time the results are going to be pleasing for you. There is going to be hit or miss kind of situation. You can avoid such haphazardness by customizing the app and adding or deleting words from pool to get better and accurate desired results.


Having an idea is sometimes not everything. At times, you have to get active to turn that idea into a reality. Studies suggest that more than 50% of ideas are wasted down the drain and never become a reality. ‘Things’ is a unique app that cover this gap in your life by assisting you and putting your idea into a living reality. It will help you organize your thoughts and projects into a separate place and will create a schedule to put your plans into action. This will also help by breaking down your idea into several stages so you can get along easily. These stages include initial brainstorming, concept development, meetings, production, following up, and a lot more. It will even create a planner so you can manage each and every step a way ahead of it.

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