5 Top Apps to Have on Your Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8.1 is still a hot cake even though it is on beta stage. Windows is giving some real hard time to its major competitors: iOS and Android phones. To get the most out of your Windows phone you need to back it up with appropriate apps to further harness its abilities and to master its technological advancements. Ever since its launch, apps are bombarded over their online portal making a general user confuse what app to use and what not to. If you have also been into this dilemma with so many apps in front of you against so little time and memory space, then we have outlined certain apps that could interest you, no matter what genre you follow.

Plague Inc.

If you ever want to know what would happen to world if any plague breaks out, then Plague Inc. can give you an idea. In this game you play as an evil scientist whose mission is to conquer the world by breaking loose plague everywhere. You have to completely clean the entire Earth out of human race. The games basically falls into both simulation and strategy genre, and its accuracy is so much talked about that US Centre for Disease invited the developer to speak at a CDC about disease modeling. You can download this unique game for just $0.99

Crossy Road

The most popular game of Android and iOS comes to Windows Phone as well. Crossy Road is an amazing and much enjoyable game especially when it comes to a nostalgic person as it is based on 80s arcade classic Frogger. It is a very addictive game in which you have to help your character cross roads by hoping from one lane to another. You need to be aware of all the roads, rivers and train tracks as they are all busy with vehicles, ships or trains that might hit you down causing a Game Over. This nostalgic game is available for free for now.

Weather in 3D FREE

If you love weather apps then Weather in 3D is made for you. It has all the usual features that a general weather app has including weekly weather forecast; weather based beautiful images that could caught you at a glance. The data is presented in such neat and interesting format that it is very easy and quick to read and understand in one go. The most unique feature that this app has to offer is that it tilts the weekly weather forecast backward making it easier and interesting to look at your weekly forecast easily. As the name indicates, this app can be downloaded for free.

Another Note

There are many to-do apps available for all kind of devices. Similarly Another Note is a Windows Phone specific app. Taking notes and keeping them where you can reach when needed has never been so easy. Another Note is loaded with an advanced engine that uses your voice to take notes and set reminders. You do not have to tap in words making lengthy notes, just tap a button and start talking and see how your dictated message is transcribed. Notes made using this wonderful app can be pasted on home screen for easy and quick reminders, classified into categories, or you can even password protect your app if you do not want someone else to peek into your daily routine.


AppLock is a renowned name for Android and iOS users, same has been introduced for Windows phone as well. AppLock, in basic language, adds another layer of security even after your phone is unlocked so you can pass on your phone to your friends and siblings without worrying about them messing up into your personal stuff. AppLock can hide bunch of photos and videos at a same time and lock them up with a password so only you can access them. Or if you are too lazy to type a passcode you can protect with a gesture pattern as well. Now give your phone to anyone to make calls or to send messages without worrying about your privacy concerns.

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