6 Hidden Roku Features for the Best Streaming Experience

At some point in your life you are probably going to buy a streaming device for your TV.

When this day comes, the best streaming device available is Roku.

Roku has remained to be a popular streaming gadget despite the presence of the other players like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV. One thing that partly contributes to the popularity of Roku is the fact that this device comes in varieties. There are four models of Roku and all of them work perfectly and in almost the same manner once installed. You can choose from the original Roku, Roku2 or Roku 3. Alternatively, you can get the Roku Streaming Stick all of which range from $49 to $99 in price.

So, if you own one of these devices or you’ve just got one, here are some of the hidden features of Roku that will improve your streaming experience with this device.

Hidden channels

The Roku Channel Store lists the channels that can be viewed using Roku. However, not all of them are listed here. There are other hidden channels which can be found in the Roku Guide. Click on the link you want and then follow it by clicking on “Add channel” where a new Roku account page will open. Log in to this page and add the channel code and that’s it.

Stream local media

There is no doubt that Roku comes with plenty of channels to watch, however, there are those who’ll still want to watch one of their own. It’s simple. Sign up for Plex – a service that helps organize all scattered content and allows you to watch it from phones, tablets and TVs, among other gadgets. You can also share this content with friends and family.

After signing up for the Plex service, remember to download the Plex app. After that, navigate to “Preferences>Connect Plex account” on your Roku app and then follow the provided instructions to verify the Plex PIN code. This will establish a connection between your Roku and Plex account. However, keep in mind that Plex will require a fee of $4.99 per month in order to use it. Alternatively, you can opt for the annual fee of $39.99 or one-time fee of $149.99.

Managing video quality

It is possible to play around with the quality of videos on Roku. You can change the quality of videos based on the data package you have. Just log in to the Netflix website and then navigate to “Account & Help>Settings>Manage Video Quality” and that’s it.

Reduce the number of clicks

You can better access your Roku device remotely from your Android, iOS or Windows Phone smartphone. Simply download the Roku app and from here, you will be sure to benefit from the keyboard, fast and easy searching as well as ability to stream directly from your mobile device.

Change Roku screensaver

You can get rid of the boring default screen saver of Roku and instead use the collection from Roku screensavers. Simply select “Screensavers and Apps” on your Roku and from here, you can choose what you want as your screensaver.

Using the Options menu

Roku will show the list of channels you have in the order in which you added them. This can be changed by selecting the Options menu located at the top right with the help of the asterisk key in the Homescreen. From here, you can reorder the channel list such that the ones you frequently watch appear at the top.

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