7 Best To-do Apps for iPhone

Managing your day-to-day routine in this busy era is not a piece of cake. An individual has to be quick and smart while taking decisions and managing work without letting any single chance for error.  This age of advancement that has bought this business to human race has also offered ways to tackle this fast pace environment with latest technologies. Similarly, your iPhone can be a great companion in sorting out your daily tasks, working with you as a personal assistant if you have loaded it with appropriate apps. We have outlined certain to-do apps below that can be helpful for you in carrying out your work and managing your work life balance.


Calvetica is often pronounced as a synonym for fast. As this app do not mess around when it comes to speed and quick actions. Calvetica offers its users to create an event with just couple of taps. Originally it is a calendar app but works well if you want to use it as your to-do notepad. It also synchs well with your phone’s default Calendar app so you do not have to worry about keeping up with more than one calendar at a time. With its uncluttered and neat interface, it is a widely accepted universal app for both iPhones and iPads. You can also add customized ultrasonic alerts to your tasks that have reached their deadline. You can download Calvetica from iTunes for just $2.99

Todo 7

Todo is an old name in the world of to-do apps. Now with their Todo 7, they have set some new benchmarks. Todo is considered as most popular, most powerful, and award winning task manager iOS app ever made. Todo 7 is optimized for iOS 8 so you do not feel lonely on your new phone without this wonderful app. It has a very interesting and responsive interface made brighter with its Quick Menu, Searching and Filtering, and Calendar view. Task Editing is taken to next level by giving your ability to further make sub tasks, bullet points, lists, projects or even checklists. Todo 7 will also send you reminders considering your specific locations that you need to get done once you are at a particular place. Subscription packages for Todo 7 ranges from $4.99 to $14.99

Carrot To-Do

Carrot is a one of a kind to-do app having a distinctive personality. Carrot will give you appreciation for getting your tasks done at time but beware; you can upset her as well if you are being a slack. Carrots do not like slacks at all. It is also referred as a virtual pet as it will talk to you about your tasks and will read whatever you have fed her. This app is even loaded with hidden mini games as well that are unlocked by achieving targets. There are overall 36 amazing challenges to compete that will provide you rewards. Carrot has about 500 different rewards that she will give you if you keep her happy. Make sure you do not angry her go and download her now.


Any.do is a very famous mobile to-do list app with a sharp and sleek design. Any.do is widely accepted on iOS and an Android as well making it a successful to-do app. It can synch smoothly between different devices and platform and can handle recurring tasks, timed and location based reminders. It can also handle multiple priorities and can collaborate with Cal, their own Calendar app. This app cannot be used from desktop PC unless you have their Chrome add-on. Any.do will try to prevent you getting overwhelmed with dates by providing you options to categorize tasks under Today, Tomorrow or Later headers.


Todoist is a very old app that just came into evolves by reviving their existing features and making them compatible with latest trends, needs and requirements. Todoist offers recurring tasks with fine, plain recurrence option with sub-tasks, dependencies, synching, projects and sub projects. You can set multiple priorities for multiple projects to keep yourself updated about the progress. You can add the value by subscribing to Premium account that will charge you $30 a year but will provide you the ability to get push notifications and email reminders about tasks that matter you the most. With all these apps providing same facilities for free, the Premium account doesn’t set well with common users and that is a crash for this app.


Wunderlist is a huge name in to-do app manager. It is available on every major platform especially on iOS. It is widely accepted due to its elegant style and robust features that are easy to learn, with its paid option you can get bunch of more features to further enhance your experience like unlimited tasks delegation and file uploads. But still if you want to remain a free user, it is still a wonder app to have on your phone. You can add tasks via email and may require a few taps to add a task. You can star your important task and customize the look of app. It has a broad platform that enables you to get access to your tasks from anywhere. Wunderlist is a great app if you want to start using a comprehensive virtual tool to assemble your tasks.

Pocket Lists

Pocket Lists is a universal app to manage your to-dos and checklists. It will focus on your important to-dos and might even collaborate with your friends’ to-dos as well. This app can be a good choice for you if you want to have someone reminding you about daily chores like groceries, travel packing, festival, etc. with its unique and sophisticated reminding functionality. To improve its functionality it can even synch itself with third party apps and services. This app has a virtual brain that enables it to understand your shorthand reminders like “call Mother at 7pm”, “Meet client on Monday 9AM” etc. it will automatically turn them into reminders so you can keep a check on your tasks.

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