8 Best Games for Windows Phone

Windows Phone has taken world by storm. Within very few time they have started to compete Android and iOS devices and are not a single step away matching technological advancements of these manufacturers. In fact, Windows Phone have bought in many new ideas that are expected to be copied soon. There are tweaks available for iOS devices for features like Live Tile.

Windows Phone has a very powerful processor and engine that supports gaming like none other. Many famous games that were available for Android and iOS devices are not available for Windows phone as well. We have outlined certain games that might interest you as follows:

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope is a famous game for Android devices and now have come for your Windows Phone as well. A very sweet game powered by colorful graphics and very user friendly controls. Cut the Rope 2 has the same gaming strategy as its earlier version where you have to feed your character with candy tied up with many physics oriented structures. This version has many new challenges and missions to play on. The game has also introduced seven more characters to add more fun and kill the monotony.

World Cricket Champs 2015

World Cricket Champs 2015 is featured on Cricket Premier League Season where you can choose among different nations and take your team of 11 players on the ground for FREE. This game even offers net practice and tournament modes to double the fun. If you are new to Cricket or this game, you need to spend some time in net practicing and learning rules. Once you feel you are up and ready go to Tournament mode and play against your competitors in T20 matches and win yourself a trophy. Tournament mode has 3 different challenges to further harness your skills: Tri Nation Challenger, Champion Series, and World Cup Master.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is so far the best arcade car racing game to have on your phone. Asphalt 8: Airborne give you a chance to get your hands on 47 high performance racing cars like Lamborghini Urus, Cadillac ATS, McLaren 12C Spider and many more, on 9 different exotic locations including Venice, Alps and Great Wall. This game provides you a chance to defy physics with its latest Physics Engine enabling you to perform aerial stunts, high speed maneuvers and intense driving experience. It also offers a career mode leading 8 seasons and 180 events, with different game modes.

Dream League Soccer

When it comes to sports, there is soccer, and when there is soccer, there is Dream League Soccer. A comprehensive game for soccer lovers where you are able to build the best team by recruiting players, upgrading stadiums, and training your team so they can become the champions of the planet. Dream League Soccer gives the ability to develop a team of up to 32 players either by signing them from market or creating your own players with different specialties. With its intelligent and addictive gaming experience, get into action in friendly matches, Global Challenge cup, or few rewarding competitions. Got enough experience? Get promoted into Elite divisions and play with champs like yourselves.

All Mobile Casino

This game won’t make you extra money but will provide you blank checks for entertainment and fun. All Mobile Casino provides you gaming experience like that of Bellagio, there is no stopping when you start rolling into various modes importantly blackjack, baccarat, and video poker. One of the best things about All Mobile Casino is that it won’t cost you a single penny nor will force you to unlock special game features. You can enjoy it offline as well, compare your score with an online leaderboard, and enjoy it with players around the world. Stuck at some point? Its offline help mode for each game is there to help you out.

AE Zombie Defender

Tower defense system remains the first choice for strategy game lovers. With its doodle style AE Zombie Defender is a pinnacle in tower defense system games. You need to be vigilante while constructing towers as zombies are there to attack your campsite that you need to defend. AE Zombie Defender provides you 8 different types of towers to defend your camp against 11 types of zombies. Players earns as they defeat zombies to further upgrade and develop their defense.

Call of Dead: Modern Duty Hunter & Combat Trigger

This is so far the no.1 game in Alien shooting. Aliens have invaded the earth from their ships darkening the sun, the world has called upon a former war hero, deserted by his family, to save humanity and restore peace. Call of Dead provides you experience of a ruined city, where you hide in trenches and fight with many aliens having different feelings towards you. You have nothing but deadly weapons with unlimited supply of ammunition and freaky aliens trying to have a piece of you. With its intense gaming experience and user friendly controls Call of Dead is an addictive game that can be downloaded free.

Royal Revolt!

Royal Revolt is a strategy game empowering you an army of trustworthy soldiers and spells to take over your lands that are deliberately taken over by your dreadful relatives after the death of your father. With your education at Bogsmarts and B.A. in Petty Magic you have to attack and conquer all 58 castles to become the rightful king. Royal Revolt provides its players simple touch or mouse controls to command their troops. Players can upgrade their hero, knights and spell for more destructive attack on impersonates of the kingdom.

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