8 Best Photo Apps for iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus comes up with a powerful camera to support the common saying that, ”The best camera is the one you have with you.” To keep your best camera with you all the time can be easy if you have an iPhone 6 Plus in your custody. The built-in Camera app does a lot to feed your photography hunger. But you can always extend the possibilities if you choose right app for right purpose. The quality of camera in your iPhone 6 Plus can be enhanced to maximum if you back it up with powerful apps. We have outlined certain apps that could double the fun of your original cam.


VSCO Cam offers a free of clutter camera to take pictures as simply as you can. This app is pioneer in mobile photography and a premium way to shoot, edit and share your photos. VSCO Cam is integrated with VSCO Grid that is a well-known showcase for exceptional images from everywhere. You can also publish your posts on VSCO Journal to share it with creative community. VSCO Tools will synch all your photos and provide you amazing tools to enhance your photographs with features like Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Crop, Straighten, Fade, Vignette, and a lot more. With all these amazing features, VSCO Cam is up to download for FREE.

ProCamera 8

To cater the need to upcoming iOS 8, developers at ProCamera have decided not to update the existing app but to develop a whole new app specifically for iOS 8 to harvest the maximum from its highly technological features. Just like its previous version, ProCamera 8 is fast, simple and professional. It will let you edit your Photos and Videos with its high class and state-of-the-art technology. ProCamera is said to be trend setter for photo apps since the beginning, and ProCamera 8 is an evidence of it. This amazing app will let you shoot stunning HDR photos along with precisely controlled exposure all that with a single swipe. This app can also integrate with Apple Watch to increase the fun. With all these amazing and mind blowing features, ProCamera 8 is up to download for as low as $4.00


Instagram has a very prominent place in apps related to camera and pictures. With its sleek design and handy features it is easily adapted and used by masses. Instagram offers a variety of digital filters to fine tune your pictures and videos. Instagram is the pioneer of online picture and video sharing apps on many social networks, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. It also supports hashtags to further enhance the users’ experience.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is the mighty king of collage-maker apps. With its users exceeding 80 million, it is no doubt the most widely accepted app in this genre. Pic Collage gives its users the ability to combine pictures, funky fonts, adorable stickers, and imaginative cutouts to produce high quality collages. These perfectly made collages can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or you can get them out from your printer and turn them into personal greeting cards. Its sticker library is updated on periodic basis with stickers of every upcoming seasons, let it be Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Pic collage is there to meet your colorful and creative needs. One of the best features of this app that make it stand out from others is its Contest section where you can respond to other members with your very own creations, get more followers and could win awesome prizes too.

Pic Lab – Photo Editor

This app is an all-rounder of picture editing world. With its capabilities beyond imagination, its users can do magic. Let it be applying magnificent filters, combining pictures into a collage, rotating them, resizing them, cropping them, or bathing pictures into artistic effects, this app has got it all. Pic Lab supports layer system that makes its use really cool and comfortable and puts you in control. With its artistic effects ranging from brightness, saturation, contrast, and 20 stunning filters are something to invest time on. Pic Lab has its own community’s hashtag to share your creations with its other members.


Have you ever been annoyed at taking pictures first, and putting effort in filtering them later? Well Camera+ is your savior if you want high quality pictures taken in the first place. Reason for developing Camera+ is simple i.e. Great Photos! And you will witness this reason put into action by experiencing its separate touch exposure and focus, shooting modes including burst, portrait, and its awesome 6x advanced Digital Zoom that will make sure that purpose is fulfilled without compromising quality. One of the main features that stand it out from others is its Clarity, which puts life and color into dead and dull pictures. Camera+ also provides you an innovative Lightbox that you can use to skim required pictures and discard unnecessary ones. Sharing at social networks to your friends and family and synchronization with iCloud makes it a must app for your iPhone 6.


It is impossible that any iPhone photographer has not heard of or have used Retrica. Every day over 100 million photos are taken by Retrica worldwide. Retrica gives its users the ability to enhance photography experience by providing a platform of over 100 filters so you can never run out of options. This app provides you endless possibilities with its real time filters, vignette, collage, watermark, timer, and what not! You name it and Retrica is there to serve it.


Snapseed is a photo app that will make your picture editing experience full of extraordinary fun and delightful colors. Snapseed supports advance features right under your fingertips to develop high-quality portraits. This app is focused towards providing its users the ability to improve, renovate and share their photos without any hassle with their family and friends. Its compatibility with Google+ makes it even a more dominant tool to share your creations on social networks.

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