8 iPhone Apps that you should try

App Store has a vast library of all kind of apps. There are many apps that could turn out as a total waste of time and your mobile data as well. Although not all apps are a waste of time, some are useful and very helpful tools to assist you in your normal day. We have gathered some apps that are new and too hot for your iPhone. Take a look and give them all a try.


Camera app is smart, right? But at times not much, especially when it tries to darken your photos that you really want to be bright. Manual is here to help you out as this one of a kind photo app will give you the ability to manually adjust exposure settings. It will also let you manually brighten the darker frames and that too in the original Camera app. You can also add more customization in your camera by fueling up your ISO and Shutter Speed.


Taking a Panorama shot is never too easy especially with the built in Camera app. Photosynth is a Microsoft app that works will with an iOS as well. It is user friendly and really fun to use and easy to get your hands on. It will give you an insightful insight over your Panoramas taking shape. The original Camera app of iPhone too has a Panorama mode but Photosynth give you more flexibility and is compatible with older devices as well.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is not the most featured scanning app for iPhone but it is on top of the list when it comes to efficiency. Keeping a virtual copy of your important documents was never too easy. Now with the help of Evernote Scannable you just have to scan the particular document and save it on your device or send it to someone using email. This app works well if you place your documents on a high contrast background so it properly scans the important thing. You can compile all your scans and form a PDF file and later share it on Evernote as well.


Asana is a great app if you want to enhance your productivity and this app is so far loved by productivity enthusiasts. This app has quickly become an important tool to get done with your chores in an efficient manner. By the way Asana has reached the top of the charts on the international market with its unique features and tools for getting things done. If you have ever experienced Asana then you really need to try its iPhone app as well.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Digital photography editing has become a household word now. Nobody feels comfortable sharing pictures with friends over social media without giving them a personal touch. Adobe Photoshop has a strong name in the field of picture editing, but now they have come up with an app that is keener towards providing its users the ability to produce high quality photos. This app has many great tools including the basic ones like cropping, increasing brightness, contrast, sharpness, or reducing noise. Users can also apply amazing filters from the list of available ones to further enhance their image quality and turn them into masterpiece.

Pandora One

Pandora allows its users to create their personalized radio stations by taking their favorite artists and genres. Having Pandora on your iPhone will give you access to stream music on your phone without charging anything. Although the app is sponsored by many ads but you can get rid of by purchasing the monthly subscription of $4.99. A great feature offered by Pandora is while having on the go if any music inspires you truly or you fall in love with any track, you can buy it directly from it without getting into hassle of finding the right site or app to purchase it from.

Run Sackboy! Run!

Sackboy is a familiar name for those who have played LittleBig planet ever before. If you do not then all you should know is that it is a loveable and cuddly character made of sackcloth. Run Sackboy! Run!, you control the sackboy in a mini version of PlayStation platformer. You need to direct your sackboy to run and collect bubbles by dodging obstacles and beating bosses as you pass through different levels. With every level passed you will notice the increase in speed causing more challenges to your sackboy for survival. You need to avoid get caught in the goo traps, which will eat you up once you fall down to them. Bubbles are like cash of sackboy as they can be used to purchase upgrades, new outfits, power ups, stickers or even valuable treasure chests.

Dumb Ways to Die

You can say that it is the first time since the public announcement turned out into an iPhone game. Yes exactly, some time ago a YouTube video broadcasted from Melbourne metro trains showed people how they can avoid themselves getting hurt and how they need to act when around trains. The video had interesting and catchy theme and music that delivered the moral to masses in a very efficient and effective manner. After six months of the great success of this video, a game was launched!

Dumb Ways to Die features some cartoon men that you need to look after as they try their best to hurt themselves in deadly self-inflicted situations. These situations vary from sticking a fork into a toaster or running after a balloon on a speedy freeway. You need to act accordingly to save your crew from getting hurt. With every level game will fasten up forcing you to think and take decisions quickly and accurately. Public announcements have never been so fun to taught and learn.

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