9 Best Apps to Have on Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch users must be very excited to have it because there are so many built in apps in it. There are thousands of other apps available as well and therefore at times people get confused about which app to download and which to not. Now you do not have to worry about it as we are here to guide you from where to start and what to start downloading in your cool Apple Watch.


“Rules” is one of the smashing game in Apple Watch, which smashes your brain. Its theory is very simple. You just have to remember the rules during tapping the relevant cards. The whole theory depends upon the rules so just remember the rules. Isn’t it easy? It is a fun addicted game that you can start playing on a tiny display in your Apple Watch. Do not wait just download Rules!

City Mapper

City Mapper is a very helpful app for those who do not want to miss their location especially when you are living in one of the most sustained city. Apple Watch helps you in many ways, and this app guides you the location of your home, work or where you want to go by and not only location it helps you to update relating to nearby public transport. It could be a great helping hand if you have recently moved in to a newer area or city.


Twitter is an app that had literally bought the entire current affairs right on your hands. Now you can have all this right on your wrist. On your Apple Watch download Twitter as it is one of the most popular apps and it is fun using in this small and tiny screen on your Watch. You will love using this app as it notifies you someone is following you. Staying update like this while on the go was never that easy.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky app relates to the weather conditions in your city. It is a very popular app nowadays because it updates you with the weather conditions, temperature and not only tells you the exact weather it tells you an accurate prediction of the rainfall for the coming hour. So you should have this app in your Apple Watch already if you do not want to be caught up by rain in surprise.


Apple has come up with the Calcbot for your Apple Watch. It does all the calculations and also does unit conversation between temperatures, lengths, weights and more.  You need to have it on your wrist if you go through calculations or it could be helpful partner for your class as well.


It is an iPhone app which has come up on your Apple Watch as well to make you feel like home. Deliveries enable you to keep track all your packages so you can stay updated about their current status and when they are expected to reach their set destination. Now this app will be on your wrist! Isn’t that just great? It will also notify you about all your upcoming packages too!

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor helps you to choose the best food, entertainment and service. Trip Advisor enables you to review millions of images of food or places where you are planning to go, all this on your wrist! You can even check the local places to eat or have fun. This app indicates you the best in almost everything. So get this app in your Apple Watch before departing for any family or friends’ trip and double the fun.

Dart Mobile

This Dart Mobile app is to simplify email system. The uniqueness of this app is that instead of writing formal emails with open ended questions and sending to long list of people, it will help you in sending short and concise emails keeping the matter to the point. Dart Mobile’s main purpose is to make emailing faster and smarter so you can manage your clients and colleagues all at once without any fear of missing some.

Kitchen Stories

This is the most useful app when it comes to the kitchen related things like cooking, baking and pre-heating your oven, it guides you in every single step what to do next. The most amazing app on your wrist a complete guidance for not only cooking but for the kitchen related stuff.

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