A Comparison of Free Calling Features of LINE Messenger and Viber App

There is no doubt that Viber is now a household name in the world of instant messaging and VoIP services.

However, recent statistics show that LINE Messenger is the fastest growing instant messaging and VoIP app.

LINE and Viber have a decent following, with the former outshining the latter with over 100 million users with its over 600 million followers. Viber on the other hand has more than 500 million active monthly users. The features and quality of services that these two offer these millions of people have begun to lure more people to the platforms as they form some of the best alternatives to the major instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Skype.

So, if you are still debating on which app, between LINE and Viber, you should download and install on your smartphone, here are some facets of these two that you need to know.

Viber free calling vs. LINE Messenger

If you are looking for an application that can help you send unlimited voice, video, text and photo messages to friends as well as call them, then there is no better app than Viber free download. Designed specifically to suit the mobile world, Viber can also be used on PCs and tablets as well. The sign up and installation process is with no doubt one of the easiest there is. You will only need your phone number to create an account and rather than manually add contacts, the app will do it for you by scanning through your phone book for any contacts that are registered on the platform. Viber allows its users to connect to non-users for a small fee; however, Viber to Viber communication is free.

If you are after an application that integrates both social networking-like traits as well as serves you as a top-class instant messaging and VoIP app, LINE Messenger is just what you need. This app is free to download and it comes with something different. It has a timeline where you can post a comment and the other users can comment or like it. The app also allows its users to play games while on calls with each other. Just like Viber, LINE Messenger allows its users to enjoy HD quality voice and video calls for free. This messaging app can also be installed on a variety of devices and operating systems, just like its counterpart.

Ease of use

There is nothing hard about using any of these two applications. While you will get a very intuitive and cleaner UI on Viber, LINE offers a straightforward UI that makes things very easy to find.

Viber free download comes with tabs at the bottom where you can access recent calls, messages, the keypad as well as another button for accessing extra options. As noted earlier, this app is very easy to setup and once you have it installed, using it is also very easy. The app comes with a ViberOut feature that helps in connecting with non-users of the app on their mobile phones and landlines. The app comes with push notifications that ensure you will never miss a call or message even if you are offline.

LINE Messenger on the other hand comes with some unique abilities that will make you feel buoyant. Other than the easy sign up process, LINE comes with some amazing ways of adding new friends; for instance, using their LINE ID or scanning their QR codes. LINE users can create a group of up to 200 people, which is quite huge to accommodate all your friends and relatives.

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