A Hidden iPhone Feature: Key to 6 Secret Functions

World has gone by with new (not pretty much old) iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and various other iPhone models by an instant that usually make them blind to various unique functions that their phone can perform. You may have heard about these or might even have tried these but it is always good to refresh good memories and practices to keep them functional all the time.

Just to support the above mentioned statement we have bought a unique trick for your iPhone or iPad that could make you do 6 secret functions all at a blink of an eye.

Every Apple phone has an Accessibility option that provides many feasible options to people with certain kind of disabilities. Settings further have sub settings that have wide variety of possibilities that many users usually ignore and do not even dare trying. This post is basically about these ignored features that could add quite much positive change in your life regarding your iOS device.

To learn this new specific trick you need to access your Accessibility. Open Settings app, go to General and select Accessibility from given options. In Accessibility, scroll down to the bottom until you see Accessibility Shortcut. This unique feature, often ignored, will give you option to select any six exceptional options to choose from and will put a shortcut to them right on your home screen to access. By the way to activate these you have to press your home button three times in a row. These six options include:

  1. VoiceOver
  2. Invert Colors
  3. Grayscale
  4. Zoom
  5. Switch Control
  6. Assistive Touch

For example, if you chose Grayscale, you just have to triple press your home button to activate Grayscale on your iOS device. It does not matter on which screen you are just by pressing your home button three times in a row will activate the set function.

VoiceOver will enable Siri to read whatever is happening on the main screen, Grayscale will turn your phone into black and white mode, Zoom will put a magnifier enabling a user to read properly, Switch Control will let you navigate your phone with simple head gestures, whereas Assistive Touch will make iPhone simpler to use for people who have motor control problems.

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