Abaddon Incarnate’s Steve Maher: The Gun Shy Email Interview

Abaddon Incarnate

On February 25, Abaddon Incarnate — blackened grind metal straight outta Ireland — will be releasing a split 7-inch with American grind heroes Phobia. I’ve heard the tunes on the outing and they’re fucking filthy. While I abhor email interviews, calling Ireland to talk to the band’s Steve Maher just wasn’t possible. So I sent Steve a few questions, and he got back to me right away.

What follows is that email correspondence, with my goofy questions and Maher’s serious responses. After reading the interview, head on over to the band’s MySpace page and check these dudes. They’re fucking intense, tight, and the aural equivalent of ear rape. That’s a good thing. So here it goes…

What is the metal/death/grind scene like in Ireland?
Pretty healthy; we have some good bands like Morphosis, Putrefy, I’ll Eat Your Face, Nephridium, Warpath, and Zealot Cult to name a few. There is also a good fan base that come to the shows. Venues are friendly to the music and we have some good shops in the city of Dublin which sell the shit and we have interested record labels here, like Underground Movement and Sentinel who release quality death metal and grind bands.

What is a shillelagh?
It’s a crooked magical wooden stick that the ancient order of Hibernians march around brandishing on Saint Patrick’s Day in the New York Parade. Apparently, leprechauns use them too, but I haven’t seen many lately so I wouldn’t know much about that sort of thing.

If you are working on new stuff, what will it sound like…if you can even give us an idea?
We have been considering a more death metal approach for the next release but it will probably just be grind again with death metal embellishments as always.

Have you ever met a guy named Chet you liked? Why are most Chets complete assholes?
I have never met anyone called Chet, so I wouldn’t know if they are mostly assholes. Sorry I can’t be very helpful with your query friend.

What will you be doing tour-wise for the foreseeable future and have you been offered any summer tours or festivals?
A U.K. tour in May with General Surgery, followed by a headline tour of Ireland in June and a 20-day headlining South American tour in August of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. We got offered one or two ‘fests in the summer but we will be away in South America so we can’t be in two places at once.

What one band would you love to see return with an album and tour?
The From Enslavement to Obliteration Napalm Death line up.

What scares you more than anything?
Wasting my life and health away; use it while you got it.

Have you ever been arrested?
If I told you that, your shithead government would never let me into your country again.

Is it wrong to drink any other beer but Guinness?
No — you can drink whatever you like. You’re a free man and Guinness isn’t beer, it’s a kind of alcoholic soup.

I hear that locals sometimes piss on the Blarney Stone, to make the whole kissing experience worse for tourists. Any truth to this, as far as you know, and have you ever pissed on it?
I wouldn’t know; that’s in an area of Ireland called “The Countryside” and I rarely leave Dublin. There’s wild savages abroad those parts.

What’s the one thing you wish you could change about America?
Too many things, so I’ll mention two: most important is I’d make your health and welfare system more generous and bring it under the control of the state. Second, I’d loosen up your borders to migrant workers and make it easier to get a green card. That would cut out the illegal alien problem and legitimise all the hard work these people do for the country and also generate taxes by taking them out of the black market.
What is your stance on sex during menses — if it bleeds, let’s fuck it or once the red tide subsides, surf’s up?
I love to fuck women when they have their period.

What one record would you give to Michael Collins?
Morbid Angel’s Altars of Madness.
What word do you hate?
Gypo: I hate that word. It’s a derogatory word used in the U.K. to badmouth Irish travellers or pavees. I’m not a traveller, but it still gets a knot in my guts when I hear it. Fucking winds me up.
What turns you on?
Periods, tits, and blonde hair.

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