Acaro: Exclusive Tour Diary, Part 2

Acaro on tour, shot by James Villa

We’ve been supporters of Acaro since our humble beginnings and the band’s been similarly supportive of this site in the past. That is why we are psyched to be able to bring you this exclusive tour diary, written by Chris Harrell. Of course, Acaro are currently on the road with Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage on a must-see tour that runs through the end of this month. And they kick ass.

This tour has confirmed for me, that REAL metal can still exist. That there are people out here who are not fooled by gimmicks and trends and are fans of a well-written song, a heartfelt live performance, and a humble and appreciative artist who truly loves the people that support their music.

I watch (and fortunately, participate in) people who FEEL every note of EVERY song in a way that FAKE PRE-CONCIEVED LABEL GENERATED CHOREOGRAPHED BULLSHIT that is passed off as metal today could never even come close to touching what these guys did 10 years ago.

No pretense, no need for a “shtick,” no backing tracks, nothing but heart, emotion and ability. I feel spoiled to witness and be a part of something so pure and so real. (Slightly innebriated rant during a Killswitch Engage set in Atlanta).

To continue where I left off; once our 30 minutes of fury is over I make my way over to the merch table, either by walking or by crowd surfing (thanks Seattle) and as I sit there and sling T-shirts and CDs (that’s right, people are actually buying some gen-u-wine compact discs), sweating like a hooker at the Vatican, I get to enjoy the party that is Shadows Fall in their element, on stage and beers in hand!

If anyone over the past couple years have had anything negative to say about Shads, two mins into their set on this tour would take those words and shove them firmly and directly straight up their ass — no lube, no dinner, no goodnight kiss. I watch each of them every night, but being the singer, I always tend to pay the most attention to other singers. Brian Fair never ceases to impress and inspire me, as a singer and frontman. He makes everyone in the room part of the party on and off stage!

Watching him with fans after their set reminds me of the greats of our genre who stay for hours signing and talking to everyone and truly showing them that they appreciate them being there. He is pure class and I am proud to call him a friend.

That’s enough for now — I will check back in soon to continue my ramblings about the best tour I have ever been on.

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