Acaro: Exclusive Tour Diary, Part One


We’ve been supporters of Acaro since our humble beginnings and the band’s been similarly supportive of this site in the past. That is why we are psyched to be able to bring you the first installment in the band’s tour diary, written by Chris Harrell. Of course, Acaro are currently on the road with Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage on a must-see tour that runs through the end of this month.

So to start this adventure out, we drove straight through from Boston to Gallup, New Mexico; from early Monday morning after playing a Boston show to Thanksgiving Thursday to meet up with the Shadows Fall fellers, who were kind enough to get us added to that date.

Along the way, our home away from home (we have dubbed her The Mayflower) had an alternator problem in Effingham, Illinois. The Metal Gods were definitely with us that day, for low and behold, the manager at Autozone was indeed a METALHEAD! He helped us out tremendously and won’t be forgotten!

Many miles later, we have arrived in sunny California for the California Metalfest, which was a very long, yet super fun day! With the exception of set times changing a lot, I thought the fest went very smoothly and we were able to pull quite a decent amount of people to our stage to watch a band they had never heard of before (haha); which by the way has been the overall theme of the tour so far for your boys in Acaro, which we have fully embraced. No one knows who we are yet, so that is our rallying cry: “WHO THE FUCK IS ACARO?”

So now that the tour is underway, instead of a night-by-night rundown which will make me ramble FAR too much, I will give a brief overview as to a typical day on this tour.

Drive, load, setup. These are the bare bones essential things for every tour and never changes, so no need to elaborate too much.

Seven p.m. has been the door time for every show so far so that’s where we will start, I stand at our merch area watching a vast array of people excitedly make their way to the Killswitch Engage merch area and the Shadows Mall (haha) and look at our stuff with a confused look (silently thinking “Who the fuck….?”) Then they make their way to the front of the stage where they are beyond excited to see what will be the best show of their lives.

Eight p.m. is our magic time and we have a goal each night. The energy in the room is already there, it’s palpable and you can taste it. So our goal is to plug ourselves into that energy, and become the spark that sets off the powderkeg that each show has become. We give them a full days worth of energy in our 30 minute set and, a few stage dives, and the most happy and sincere thank you we have ever given, because they just allowed and participated in what we have dreamed to do our whole lives, and I can honestly say that their response to our set each night is overwhelming and words cannot describe how amazing that feels.

We are just five dudes playing music that we love, the best way we can, and to those of you who can get down with it and bring something home with you after our set, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Next segment, I will tell you how badass it is to tour with two of my favorite bands and how hard they CRUSH IT each night! Till then, much love to you all!

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