After The Burial’s Trent Hafdahl: The Gun Shy Interview

After The Burial

The first girl I ever kissed was from Minnesota. Edina, to be exact. How did a New York boy hook up with a girl from Edina? My cousin won a trip for two to Space Camp when I was a kid, and I met Betsy during that fun-filled week in Huntsville, Alabama. So when I hopped on the horn with After The Burial guitarist Trent Hafdahl last week and discovered he was home in St. Paul, I started asking him about Minnesota…because, after all, this girl’s responsible for kickstarting this life of sexual deviance and slutitude.

“She was a cake-eater,” Trent tells me, before explaining that’s a term for people from Edina. “They’re all rich people.” I do some Googling, and learn the term was used in the film “The Mighty Ducks.” Lame. But I want to talk more about Minnesota, and Trent…let’s just say the Chamber of Commerce should hire him to do tourism ads.

“It’s really green out here. It’s not farm country by any means…it’s nice, I love living here,” he tells Gun Shy Assassin. “The border of St. Paul on the west side is Minneapolis. Minneapolis is more of the entertainment and club scene and St. Paul is where you have more of the businesses. It’s more chill, like…at 5 p.m. in St. Paul, it’s just dead. Minneapolis is hopping at all times of the day.”

Tell me more, Trent. I’m about too book a trip to Minnesota, bro. Sell me, sell me! “I live right in between Minneapolis and St. Paul, so there’s a good mix of bars and social scenes out here. There’s also a lot of cool artsy stuff, like there’s microbrew bars and stuff like that and fucking high class wine bars and shit like that. Whatever you want, dude. It’s pretty diverse around here. There are a lot of different cultures that are happening in St. Paul and Minneapolis. It’s cool, man.”

That’s it — I’m going. I’m fucking going. Minneapolis, get ready…hide your virgins! But wait — Trent may love Minneapolis and St. Paul, but he’s got a new disc to promote. So, let’s get to it: After The Burial will release their new Sumerian Records offering In Dreams tomorrow, and will head out starting November 26 on the North American “December Decimation” tour with Winds of Plague, Carnifex, War of Ages and Upon A Burning Body.

Beyond that, the band have big touring plans in February with a band named after a book. That’s all we can say. After that, After The Burial will hit the road for a headlining run. “This is our first record since 2008, so we’re super stoked to get out there and get these songs in people’s hands, and hopefully…we put a lot of work and effort into this album, and we hope it keeps us pretty busy next year.”

After The Burial are even gunning for a spot on Warped Tour or Mayhem this summer, Trent says. “We’re hoping we can definitely secure at least one of those tours this year. We have tons of friends who’ve been on tours like that. Our boys in Emmure told us Warped was sick, that seven weeks of touring just flies by. When seven weeks of touring flies by, that’s a great fucking tour. We’re pushing management and the label to get us on; we have to show the organizers that we can pull on a bill like that.”

But the summer’s far off, and they have a lot to do before then. In fact, this “December Decimation” tour will run through Christmas Eve. Doesn’t leave you much time for shopping, Trent?

“Dude, it’s all going to be Christmas Eve shopping — it sucks,” Trent bemoans. “I’ve only had to do it one year prior. We ended a tour in California, and we had to hightail it back to Minnesota to get to the stores in time. This year, I’m going to do a lot of online shopping on the road…get everything done that way.”

In case you wanted to get me anything, Trent…an XBox 360 with that Kinect thing would be phat!

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