Agnostic Front’s Roger Miret: The Gun Shy Interview

Roger Miret

There’s nothing like taking away the last few moments a man has with his family right before he heads out on tour. Yes, that is what I did, seemingly, on Thursday morning when I called up the frontman for hardcore legends Agnostic Front, Mr. Roger Miret. I dialed his cell right as he was walking out the front door, saying goodbye to his wife and kids.

I felt like a schmuck. The former New York and current Arizona resident assured me it was cool. He had to drive to the airport, and between his driveway and the long-term parking lot, I was his for the interrogating. His tour with The Disasters would kick off that evening in Houston. Unfortunately, “Agnostic Front won’t tour until September.”

Miret tells me the tour launches in early September and runs through October. “By November, we’re done with the U.S.; we usually just do one full tour per release, because we have to go everywhere…South America, Japan, Australia. We try to get one place really good, and then maybe head back out a second time later on.”

Agnostic Front have a new album out through Nuclear Blast called My Life, My Way, the band’s first in some time. “We did a lot of touring [on 2007’s Warriors] and then in between that record and this record, we released our first EP, and we toured that,” he says, adding that the last five years have mostly been taken up by touring, and his moving out to Arizona and starting a family.

As we speak, I head on over to the Front’s Wikipedia page, and see 25 ta Life listed under “Associated Acts.” Not knowing there was any association beyond their being part of the New York hardcore scene, I ask Roger what’s up with that.

“There is no association,” Roger starts. “Wikipedia has the most misinformation. I spend time just getting rid of stuff that’s there. People will just write whatever they want. I don’t understand how they allow it. It’s the wrong place to go for information if you ask me.”

I panic. Next, I ask him if Rick ta Life has the highest-pitched voice of any dude he’s ever met. Roger is not amused. “I’ve known higher than him,” says Roger. “I would say no. I know other people that are higher. I definitely do; I know a guy named David in Germany, and [speaking in a Mickey voice] he speaks like this.”

Miret has been at this hardcore game a while, so I asked him if he was still as into it as when he first started out. “We really have a good time,” he starts. “It is work here and there, of course, but we we go up on stage and make the best of what it is, no matter how many people are in front of us. It is our life, and we are enjoying it.”

And Roger likes his family life, which is why Agnostic aren’t really playing until the fall. His daughter is at the age where she’s into those zany kid shows. Which ones does the lead singer of Agnostic Front’s little girl make him watch? “One of my favorites is ‘Yo Gabba Gabba;’ I think it’s awesome. And my daughter really likes ‘The Upside Down Show’ … It’s pretty weird, and she really likes it. I don’t know why.” And with that, he was at the airport, on his way to catching his flight.

If you’re in New York on May 28, you can catch Agnostic Front at Webster Hall as part of the Black N Blue Bowl. Also playing are Gorilla Biscuits, Terror, Absolution and Sick of it All.

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