Agoraphobic Nosebleed Give Away Free Holiday EP

Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Man, what a night I had. My cat, around 4 p.m. yesterday, started bleeding profusely from the nose. No shit.

I rushed her to the vets, and they futzed around all fucking day with her and just tried to stop the bleeding rather than find the fucking source of the bleeding. They had hours to x-ray her, but no…they just kept her for observation.

I show up to get her, and they tell me they have no idea what caused it and that I need to go to the more expensive 24-hour emergency animal hospital. This is kind of related to Agoraphobic Nosebleed, in that my cat’s nose is still bleeding. Agoraphobic has released a free holiday EP called Make A Joyful Noise.

Download that shit here.

Anyways, so, back to my cat. So, at the ER, they do all these blood tests. Hours go by. Ultimately, I’m out $700, and they’ve basically ruled out everything it could be other than the one thing I think it is, which is that she’s got something up her fucking nose.

She rubs her face on everything, and I think she has a splinter in her nose or something. They say it could be a tumor. She keeps sneezing up blood. Of course, they didn’t just x-ray her, like I asked. They had to do all these arbitrary tests. Fucking vets. They’re like mechanics. Only worse. Fucking $700 to NOT resolve the problem.

How do these people sleep at night?

The EP, which is being called a return to form of the spastic cybergrind that made the band infamous, was originally released as a limited edition flexi-disc in issue #87 of Decibel Magazine. 

Bottom line is, it would be awesome if you could beseech whatever higher power it is you’d call upon if you were on a crashing plane, and pray I don’t have to shell out anymore cash. Pray she just gets better. I’ve already had a rough year, cat-wise.

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