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It seems that the AirDroid application received a major update and now it allows you to read and answer directly from your PC to the messages that you receive on WhatsApp, on your mobile device. WhatsApp is loved by over 800 million active users and even if the developers released the “WhatsApp Web feature”, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find other ways to read and send messages on WhatsApp from your PC.

The new 3.1.2 version of AirDroid comes with a new option that allows you to answer to messages that you receive on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger. All you will need to do is to install AirDroid on your Android device (from the Google Play Store) and the AirDroid PC version on your laptop/computer (from

HINT: Keep in mind that in case you want to use this new AirDroid option that allows you to answer to messages on Facebook or WhatsApp directly from your computer, your device must run on Android 4.4 or later. In case the device is running on an older version of Android, then this option is surely not going to work.

Installing AirDroid on your Android device

In order to install AirDroid on your Android device, you will need to open the Google Play Store, search for “AirDroid” and when you find the application, select it and tap on “install”. Once the application is installed, create an account.

Now that you have AirDroid installed on your Android, you will also need to install it on your computer. To do this, go to from the browser that you use on your computer and download the .exe file on your computer. When the download is complete, install the AirDroid .exe file on your computer and use the id and password that you’ve used on the AirDroid application on your Android device.

As soon as you do that, you will be able to sync your computer with your Android device. Now, go to the Settings menu and select the option to receive messages on the computer screen and as soon as you will receive a message on WhatsApp, you will be notified on your computer. A new window will pop up and you will have the option to “reply” to the message, dismiss it or block the sender.

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