All That Remains’ Labonte Stands By Ignorant Comments

He says people offended by his slurs are “fragile”

Phil LabontePhil Labonte

Phil Labonte

Even though every metal blog in existence basically pointed out how dumb he is for making them, Phil Labonte of All That Remains is not backing away from his comments to Revolver concerning the plight of gay people.

Similarly, he stood by his use of the word “faggot” in a 2005 tour film in that same Revolver interview. Now, he is standing by his own defense of his use of the homophobic slur.

That defense, basically, was that gay people haven’t struggled enough to be offended by a little word.

His latest bone-headed commentary was posted on Facebook.

“Seen a lot of brouhaha on the interwebs about the Revolver article. Of course lots of people are saying I should be beat up or killed or I should kill myself. So, basically the blogs [and] commenters on said blogs are saying this: ‘freedom of speech, so long as you don’t offend me.’ So these people are of the same mindset of the people who said the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris were justified because some things are just too offensive.”

He added:

“I fully understand that to some people it is offensive to hear the word ‘faggot.’ I get it, you’re fragile and words give you ouchies. But remember what you’re asking for when you decry protecting the freedom of speech.”

Phil does, in fact, have the freedom of speech. I just wish that motherfucker was a mute.

What Phil obviously doesn’t care about is anyone else. If you meet the man, that much becomes immediately apparent. He’s a sell-out and rock star wannabe with a Napoleon complex and a fetish for bullets. He’s a tool, ultimately, who will do anything to be famous.

In time, the party will end. People will stop returning Phil’s calls and his band will become a bigger joke than they already are. I’m talking Skid Row punchline-ish. And then maybe it’ll occur to Phil that people stopped liking him because of his protected speech.

The day will come. You wait.

Enjoy that freedom of speech, you insensitive fuck.

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