All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Still Running His Mouth

I wish this dude was a mute

Phil LabontePhil Labonte

Phil Labonte

And I do mean running his mouth in the proverbial sense; his latest comments were type.

Phil Labonte just doesn’t get it.

If he’d just shut the fuck up about his past use of derogatory, homophobic slang, maybe we’d all forget that the All That Remains frontman is a self-centered douche who only truly gives a shit about himself.

But no…not Phil!

Dude can’t just drop it. Labonte just has to keep offering up his opinions on stuff, as if anyone actually cares what some twink-lookin’ wannabe rock star from some band that hasn’t released anything decent since Clinton’s administration thinks.

He went online to post the following:

“If you go back in my history on FB, you’ll find remarks about this. The word ‘faggot’ isn’t offensive. The idea, no THE FACT, that two human beings, who love each other, who made a personal promise to each other, that they will always be there for each other, are prevented by government, when it is MOST important and has the most dramatic effect on their lives, and the END OF THEIR LIFE, is offensive. Social Justice Warriors need to get their shit together, worrying about what someone said, what word they used, while this shit is the NORM in some places, only degrades their credibility.”

Phil — lay low, dude.

There are so many people right now who wish you didn’t have to share every feeble thought that creeps across your temporal lobe.

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