All That Remains’s Labonte Talks Shit About Black Veil Brides, E.J. Johantgen

Oh Phil

Here’s the thing: I have known E.J. since the 1990s, and I have known Phil since the 1990s. I like both dudes, so I am not taking a side here.

But All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte is back online, trying to stir some shit — or maybe not.

Maybe we’re just taking a Twitter posting way too seriously. But Labonte did mention Prosthetic Records co-founder E.J. Johantgen in a recent rant.

“I can’t help but wonder why we’re the biggest band on @ProstheticRcds and EJ just doesn’t like me anymore. You mad cause I sing too much now?,” Labonte writes.

These dude’s ego is out of control at this point. Out of control. How’s the view from that pedestal, dude?

In related news, Labonte has taken to Facebook to call Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack a “fucking faggot.”

Basically, Phil Labonte is a Fox News-lovin’ troll with a band. Yes, Ballsack dresses like a flamer. But to call the dude a faggot, Phil? That’s just so…obvious.

You can do better that, dude. We’re sure you could. Faggot is so 1999.

UPDATE: In a coherent response to this article and others, Labonte writes — in a series of posts on Facebook — that “I use the word ‘FAGGOT’ in reference to a guy who dresses like @Jeffreestar but w/o the pink and it makes the metal ‘news’ and I’m a homophobe. I say ‘I back gay rights 100%’ and no one makes a peep. Nice job metal media.”

He also said: “One of my best friends is a cross dresser, and has been since he was a kid. Won’t name names, but he told a group of us, all at the same time. We all said ‘Why haven’t you told us, we love you.’ Then we all went to a gay bar where he felt comfortable dressing in drag. And we all had a great time. I don’t look at him as any less of a brother.”

And later: “I think this will be my last remark on the subject. All the blogs that don’t like what I said, or what I post, or my politics. YOU ALL MAKE MONEY CAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE ME! As much as you ‘hate’ me, you love me. Cause every once in a while I say something you can hate on. Maybe it’s a comment on here, where I am far more honest than ANY other person in the music industry today, OR we put out a disc that you can not listen to but still say how much you hate it. You’re welcome. Faggots.”

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