Amazing Paid iPhone Apps Available For Free (Limited Time)

For you to get the best from your smartphones, you’ll need to install high quality apps on it. Unfortunately, the very best apps you can install on your Smartphone are paid and will set you back by some bucks. There is good news for iPhone and iPad users because some app developers have now offered their paid apps for free downloads and usage, however, they would only be free for a limited time, and there is no specific time period when the offer will end.

1. Tunable: Tuner, Metronome and Recorder


Standard Price: $2.99 (free for a limited time)

If you are musically talented and you are able to play some music instruments, then the Tunable app is definitely a must-have. This app can help you set the tone of your musical instrument and help you get the very best of it. When you are in tune, the Tunable app displays a green color because it features a cent, octave and a visual tuner with notes. A white line is used to measure the steadiness of a note. The straighter the line, the more consistent the pitch.

2. Living Legends: Frozen Beauty – A Hidden Object Fairy Tale (Full)


Standard Price: $2.99 (free for a limited time)

When we were kids, most of us felt life was all about fairy tales, happy endings and many more. But growing up has made us realize that life isn’t a bed of roses; you have to hustle to get what you desire. The Living Legends game was specially designed to help us relieve some of those wonderful memories we had during childhood. The game requires you to rescue a damsel from the clutches of an evil queen who has made dodgy promises.

3. Hardcover Pro

Standard Price: $3.99 (free for a limited time)

Photo enthusiast would find this app really helpful, especially if you are the type that loves to admire photos with hardcover. This app will let you upload photos from a lot of sources e.g. Dropbox, iTunes, and iCloud drive. You can watch your favorite photo memories in slideshows which are capable of making incredible transitions. This app also gives you the ability to create multiple accounts which you can use to protect your private photos.

4. Twisty Hollow

Standard Price: $2.99 (free for a limited time)

The Twisty Hollow is an award winning puzzle game that’s packed with endearing music, unconventional characters, paper craft art style and gameplay mechanics. The game play basically requires you to fulfill the eccentric needs of the citizens of Twisty Hollow. To create new goods, you’ll need to make smart combinations e.g. Cow + Bucket + Farmer Bessie = Milk!

5. The Firm

Standard Price: $ 0.99 (free for a limited time)

Business men and women who love trading in stocks will find The Firm invaluable. It’s basically an arcade style stock trading game that lets you trade stocks of a large virtual corporation. You are required to make fast paced decisions regarding your company’s stocks that are critical to its survival i.e. monitoring your environment and responding to market changes. It’s a cool game the corporate world would fancy.

These are currently some of the best paid apps that you can download on your iPhone for free. As previously mentioned, it’s a limited time offer and could expire at any given moment, even now as you are reading this. So hurry and look them up on the app store to see if you can still get these amazing paid apps for free.

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