“American Idol” “Metal” Douche Doesn’t Like Mean Online Trolls

All of a sudden, I want to be a bicycle seat

None of us do, but as long as there’s an internet, there will be basement-dwelling, zit-popping, gutless career-virgins who hide, anonymously, behind the proverbial legs of the web, and do what they do best — talk shit and write things like, “You mad bro?”

So, “American Idol” “metal” guy James Durbin is mega butt-hurt by all the venom he’s read from commenters on sites like Blabbermouth.

Durbin has a solo album called Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster coming out on November 21 through Wind-Up Records.

This site Zoiks! Online recently talked to this Durbin douche, and literally just led him down an evil path, in an effort to get their site link love on Blabbermouth.

“Now that you’re out of ‘American Idol’ you get to deal with the bloggers and sites like Blabbermouth with the stupid comments. For every good thing said, there are ten bad things said for all artists.” That is not a question, right? That’s a statement.

“That’s the whole thing about Blabbermouth,” starts Durbin. “The people that are writing the articles are giving me great reviews and that’s all that matters to me. For every one person that is writing a bad comment, there are a hundred people saying great things. I’ve looked at Blabbermouth long before I was doing anything on this scale and I knew that people have always written stuff like that. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone from ‘Idol’ or if it’s Dave Grohl, there are always nasty people out there. Like I said, for every one person that writes something nasty, a hundred people are saying something great. As soon as you see that nasty comment, that’s what kills you. It’s like, “Really? Am I really?” I don’t read that stuff.

Why don’t you cry for us, bitch? Cry! Steady buddy. Steady buddy. Steady buddy. Steady, buddy. Steady buddy. Steady buddy. You’ve gotta love inside jokes.

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