And Now For Something Completely Different: Here’s Mac Sabbath

Black Sabbath spoof group’s a cross between Ghost and a Happy Meal

Mac SabbathMac Sabbath

Mac Sabbath

Today was a fucking weird one for me, kids.

I wish I could get into just why it was so weird, but I can’t. I hate being so ambiguous on this blog sometimes, but in this case, I’ve got to be.

Let’s just say I never, ever expected to receive the kind of visit I did receive today, and I’m still slightly freaked out about it all.

Regardless, the day has somehow gotten stranger.

There is now a “drive thru metal” band, comprised of dudes dressed as mutated McDonald’s characters, that spoofs Black Sabbath songs.

What follows is the band’s cover of “Paranoid,” which they play as “Pair-a-buns.”


I don’t know, kids. Maybe my sense of humor’s just dissipated after years of struggling to fight the norm, but I find this more disturbing that amusing.

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